Metal Halide Lamps provide accurate color rendition.

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Color Arc® Lamps provide closest simulation to natural sunlight from high intensity discharge lighting source. With color-rendering index of 96, lamps are available in 4 color temperatures including 3,000, 3,500, 4,500, and 6,500 K. They come in 70, 100, and 150 W versions in various shapes and types to meet application. Optically designed coating drastically reduces UV radiation to prevent discoloration and fading of displayed objects.

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New EYE Color Arc® Lamps From EYE Lighting International of North America

Provide the Highest Color Rendering Available Among HID Lighting Sources

CLEVELAND (February, 2003) -- EYE Lighting introduces its new EYE Color Arc® compact high color rendering metal halide lamps for use in applications where perfectly accurate color rendition is necessary. Color Arc lamps provide the closest simulation to natural sunlight available from a high intensity discharge (HID) lighting source, anywhere in the world.

Color Arc lamps, with a color-rendering index (CRI) of 96, are worldwide leaders in color rendition. Available in four different color temperatures, 3000K, 3500K, 4500K, and 6500K, the lamps are able to provide the right atmosphere for any critical color application. The lamps are available in 70-, 100-, and 150-watt versions and feature a variety of bulb shapes and basic types to meet the wide range of applications.

Ideal for retail, food merchandising displays, grocery stores, car showrooms, museums, art galleries, airports and jewelry stores, the bright white light the lamps produce will add richness to the color of any product in a display setting. In addition, while all light sources emit ultraviolet (UV) radiation, Color Arc lamps have an optically designed special coating that drastically reduces UV radiation to prevent discoloration and fading of displayed objects.

For questions on any of EYE Lighting's Color Arc lamps, call 1-888-665-2677, email:, or visit on the Internet.

EYE Lighting International of North America is located near Cleveland, Ohio, a manufacturer and distributor of state-of-the-art High Intensity Discharge and Halogen lighting products to serve commercial, industrial, utility and retail markets around the globe.

EYE Lighting International of North America is a subsidiary of Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd., a Tokyo based, technology driven lighting conglomerate, that manufactures more than 3,000 lighting products that include HID and Halogen lamps, lighting fixtures, electronics, communication equipment, ultraviolet and electron beam systems.

The shared culture of Iwasaki Electric Company and EYE Lighting of North America represents a world class manufacturing operation, global technology, and commitment to quality, new product development, and the goal of complete customer satisfaction. At Iwasaki we are inspired by light, and the light we create tells our story.

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