Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions Receives Duall Brand Equipment Order Totaling in Excess of $500,000

Harleysville, PA - Raymond J. De Hont, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Met-Pro Corporation (NYSE:MPR), announced today that the Company's Environmental Air Solutions business unit has received an order, valued in excess of $500,000, to supply a Duall brand aeration system, complete with degasifiers, scrubber, and exhaust fans, to a municipal water treatment facility. The order is expected to ship in the fourth quarter of the Company's current fiscal year.

The aeration system, which is designed to treat 6 million gallons per day, will remove hydrogen sulfide dissolved gas from contaminated groundwater as part of the process to make the groundwater suitable for public use. All equipment will be constructed of Duall's unique NSF approved DUALLast® FRP with thermoplastic inner liner for superior strength and corrosion resistance. The complete system will be fabricated at the Met-Pro Environmental Air Solutions Owosso, Michigan manufacturing facility.

"This order follows approximately $3.2 million of large project orders previously announced this month, all of which are scheduled to ship during the current fiscal year," said De Hont. "Together with a $700,000 order for a Duall brand industrial NOx control system announced last week, it demonstrates the Duall brand's strong presence in both the industrial and municipal sectors and reinforces their reputation as a leader in the air pollution control field. We are excited by the recent uptick in large project new order activity and remain optimistic that we can expect more orders of this type in the near future."

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