MEMS Pressure Sensor features catheter mountable design.

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Designed for 1-French catheter market, Model SM1120 features in vivo drift performance of 2 mmHg/hr and broad operating pressure range of 0–1,100 mmHg absolute. Microsensor size of 700 x 220 x 75 µm provides ample space for 1-French catheter designs, enabling maneuverability to reach challenging locations. Compliant with RoHS and REACH requirements, sensor features input resistance of 3.1 KΩ and burst pressure of 5,700 mmHg. Pad options include gold, platinum, and solder bumped.

Original Press Release:

SMI Launches Catheter Mountable Pressure Sensor

SMI launches new SM1120 catheter mountable pressure sensor for the 1-French catheter market. With an industry-leading in vivo stability, design engineers will appreciate the high level of performance, miniature size, and quality.

Milpitas, California — SMI (Silicon Microstructures, Inc.), a global MEMS pressure sensor company, today announced it has launched the SM1120 MEMS based ultra-miniature pressure sensor designed especially for the 1-French catheter market.  The microsensor profile at only 220um x 75um provides ample space for 1-French catheter designs, enabling maneuverability to reach challenging locations.  With industry leading in vivo drift performance of  2 mmHg per hour, the SM1120 provides a broad operating pressure range from 0 to 1,100 mmHg absolute.  Pad options include gold, platinum and solder bumped for design and manufacturing flexibility. 

At the heart of the SM1120 is the MEMS pressure transducer with SMI’s novel and proprietary silicon technology platform. With SMI’s technology, the user can attain the highest level of accuracy as demanded of the stringent medical industry.  Design engineers will appreciate the design flexibility and repeatability of the SM1120. Samples are readily available for design-in and user evaluation.

“The SM1120 provides manufacturing flexibility by providing various wirebond pad options.”


  • Ablation

  • Urinary Catheters

  • Intracranial Pressure

  • Body Cavity

  • Spinal Pressure

  • Pharmacology

  • Animal Heart Monitors


  • Miniature Size:  700 um x 220 um x 75 um

  • Fits within 1-French catheter products

  • Operating Pressure Range:  1,100 mmHg Absolute

  • In Vivo Drift:  3 mmHg/hour or less

  • Input Resistance: 3.1KOhm

  • Burst Pressure: 5,700 mmHg Absolute

  • Complies with RoHS and REACH requirements

“We are very excited to introduce the new SM1120 ultra-miniature pressure sensor for the 1-French catheter market,” notes Omar Abed, CEO at SMI. “We believe the incredibly small form factor, high accuracy, and world class stability of this sensor will enable medical customers to measure pressure in localized areas and to achieve more precise diagnosis.”

About SMI

SMI is an ISO/TS16949:2009 certified premier developer and manufacturer of MEMS-based pressure sensors for a broad range of markets, with over 24 years of experience and expertise in low pressure and harsh environment pressure sensors that meet today’s stringent requirements for medical, automotive and industrial applications.  SMI’s design, production and quality control processes have enabled it to develop both the most sensitive and smallest MEMS pressure sensors available on the market today.

SMI is a member of the worldwide Elmos Semiconductor Group, offering proven solutions to a range of industries, based on application-specific ICs, sensors and complete microsystems.

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