Memex Is Expanding Worldwide Operations into Europe

Memex Automation creator of the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), MERLIN, is expanding operations into Europe.  Memex announces it has signed a preliminary licensing and distribution agreement to structure the European operations and appoints Frank Coliviras as Managing Director overseeing the business.

With a current customer base and dealer channel already in Europe, growing demand from new customers and a focus on global enterprise operations, this expansion is a natural business growth path for Memex.  "Customers want to be assured that local implementation sales support and service are available to them.  Global companies typically want a single common solution, supported on a worldwide basis." said John Rattray, VP Sales Marketing with Memex Automation.

As Managing Director, Frank Coliviras will have responsibilities for building the operations.  A native of Europe he has experience in dealing with the various countries and cultures.  As part of the operations, Memex has an expanding customer base in the Middle East and Africa and he will help guide a business strategy for these important markets.  Frank is an experienced Chief Technology Officer and has been successfully bridging the gap between business and technology in communication, system design and implementation.  Mr. Coliviras has held several Senior Management positions and has served on Advisory and Executive Boards.

MERLIN is a manufacturing productivity tool that provides a real-time automated approach to data collection and OEE metrics for visibility into what is happening at each machine or shop floor manual process.  The advanced functionality in MERLIN allows work order information to flow seamlessly from any ERP business system through the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to the machine on the shop floor and back, an electronic traveler, delivering on a paperless shop floor. 

"The benefits of plant-wide visibility mean pro-active response, less downtime, improved production scheduling and quality, as well as more extensive data analysis and reporting capabilities, often translating into a 10%-50% increase in efficiency." said Frank Coliviras as he recognizes that Memex can deliver the "Factory of the Future" today.

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