Membrane Electrode Assembly suits automotive fuel cells.

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GORE(TM) PRIMEA® Series 57 MEA (Membrane Electrode Assembly), suited for automotive PEM fuel cells, utilizes micro-reinforced membrane technology combined with gas diffusion technologies and material innovations. Components and associated technology enable product to withstand challenges of chemical degradation and voltage decay in harsh environments.

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GORE(TM) PRIMEA® Series 57 MEA for Automotive PEM Fuel Cells Now Available

Greater Durability Under More Demanding Conditions Will Enable Next-Stage Vehicle Design and Testing

Detroit, MI, USA and Hannover, GERMANY (April 7, 2003) - Gore Fuel Cell Technologies announces the commercial availability of GORE(tm) PRIMEA® Series 57 MEA for automotive PEM fuel cells. Details about the new product will be made public this week during technical presentations at both SAE TOPTEC in Detroit, MI, USA, and at the Hannover Fair Hydrogen & Fuel Cells exhibit, hall 13 stand G58/2, in Hannover, Germany.

GORE(tm) PRIMEA® Series 57 MEA is designed to deliver high power density and exceptional durability under very demanding conditions. With this MEA, automotive fuel cell manufacturers can implement more cost-effective designs by simplifying balance of plant requirements, including reduced humidification and cooling system needs.

Under the hot, dry conditions found in automotive fuel cell applications, even the best MEAs typically fail in well under 1000 hours. Recent stack testing by General Motors under dry air accelerated durability conditions has confirmed that GORE(tm) PRIMEA® Series 57 MEA represents approximately four-times longer life than the previous industry standard, GORE(tm) PRIMEA® Series 55 MEA.

According to Larry Burns, vice president of GM Research Development and Planning, "Technical advancements from key component suppliers like Gore give us the tools we need to engineer cost out of our systems and expand our testing programs."

Jeff Kolde, MEA Product Specialist at Gore, said, "Advancements in Gore's micro-reinforced membrane technology, combined with material innovations, overall MEA design improvements and new gas diffusion technologies enable GORE(tm) PRIMEA® Series 57 MEAs to withstand the challenges of chemical degradation and voltage decay in harsh environments. This level of performance will, in turn, enable automotive designers to enter the next phase of commercial development."

"Now automotive developers can field fleets of fuel cell vehicles for critical testing and public exposure, with a more manageable cost position," Kolde continued. "Gore's new MEA will play a key role in helping the automotive industry deliver affordable, dependable fuel cell vehicles by the end of the decade."

GORE(tm) PRIMEA® Series 57 MEA for automotive fuel cells is the second application-specific product introduced by Gore in just over a year. Series 56 for stationary power applications became commercially available in 2002; Series 58 for portable power applications is expected to launch later this year. Series 55, designed for general use, has been an industry standard since 1997. All Gore MEAs are available in 3-, 5-, and 7-layer configurations, and are customized to meet system requirements.

W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., develops next-generation technology solutions with applications in energy, chemical processing, pollution control, medical and electronics. Known for consumer brands like GORE-TEX® fabric, the company is headquartered in Newark, DE, with 45 offices worldwide and annual sales exceeding $1 billion.

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