Membrane Deaeration Technology serves Oil and Gas Industry.

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Compact Membrane Deaeration (MDA) products are available for use in waterflooding, improved oil recovery (IOR), and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications. Capable of producing ~5,000 barrels/day of deaerated seawater, systems can operate without chemical oxygen scavenging, scaling, or fouling of membranes for extended period. Throughout pilot testing, MDA unit consistently achieved <10 ppb dissolved oxygen in treated water without chemical addition.

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Water Standard Launches Compact Membrane Deaeration Technology for the Oil & Gas Industry

HOUSTON – Water Standard ( is pleased to announce the launch of its compact Membrane Deaeration (MDA) product line for use in waterflooding, improved oil recovery (IOR), and enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications. Water Standard partnered with Membrana as an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for Liqui-Cel® membrane contactors and successfully piloted the technology in continuous seawater trials resulting in a proprietary system that, relative to vacuum towers, requires 50% less space and weight while providing more efficient oxygen removal.

"We are excited to deliver this state-of-the-art, proven technology to the oil & gas industry. MDA is a superior technology compared to conventional vacuum towers and can be used in multiple applications including deaerating produced water," said Amanda Brock, CEO of Water Standard.

Lisa Henthorne, Water Standard's Chief Technology Officer, explains, "The MDA pilot unit produced approximately 5,000 barrels per day of deaerated seawater and operated without chemical oxygen scavenging, scaling or fouling of the membranes for an extended period. The pilot evaluated operating and design parameters such as seawater flow rate, level of pre-filtration, and nitrogen sweep rate. Throughout pilot testing, the MDA unit consistently achieved less than 10 parts per billion (ppb) of dissolved oxygen in the treated water without chemical addition. This compares very favorably to vacuum towers, which normally achieve 50-100 ppb and require additional oxygen scavenging chemicals."

"When water is viewed holistically across the entire water cycle in the oilfield, the inherent benefit and value of the resource becomes more apparent. Water Standard is focused on maximizing this benefit to the O&G Operator. Costs across the entire water treatment spectrum can be significantly lowered and the opportunities to effectively target specific problems are dramatically enhanced," Henthorne says. Water Standard is also very focused on reducing footprint and weight of overall water treatment process facilities and can deliver flexible, compact membrane systems for filtration, sulphate removal, low salinity treatment, and deaeration through its C-H2Ocean Spectrum® technology suite of products.

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Water Standard is a global water treatment specialist and recognized leader in delivering innovative desalination, water-based enhanced oil recovery and produced water solutions to the onshore and offshore oil & gas industry. The company uses proprietary designs and processes employing proven technologies incorporated into mobile offshore facilities or modular onshore customized water treatment systems. Water Standard offers flexible contract options for products and services ranging from specialized engineering and design to turn-key and fully outsourced solutions.

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