MEI LLC Announces New Line of Chemical Delivery Systems for Wet Processing Equipment

Albany, OR. November 5, 2008 -- MEI LLC announces its new line up of four platforms for automated, customized chemical delivery for wet processing systems. Bulk chemical delivery helps eliminate operator pouring, and as a result reduces scrap incidents, spills, water use and waste. The four MEI platforms, "DrumChem", "FlexChem", "MultiChem" and "BottleChem", fill a broad range of needs for space efficient, point of use chemical blending and delivery needs for Semiconductor, MEMS and Solar wafer processing. Each platform is optimized for specific cleanroom and fab circumstances, and is customizable to the client's specific process needs.

The "DrumChem" platform is a self-contained bulk delivery system featuring modular delivery and recapture with on-demand controls. The "FlexChem" platform is a flexible, modular entry level bulk system designed to be used in conjunction with a chemical room. The "MultiChem" platform is a 5 gallon carboy system for delivery and recapture for small systems with localized needs. It provides recapture capability for chemicals or mixtures that cannot be drained to an acid waste system. And "BottleChem" is spike-storage system. It is ideal for low consumption applications where chemical spiking or topoff replenish capability is desired.

MEI's chemical delivery systems can be built of Halar, Stainless, PVDF, or conventional materials. Configurability, up-time and reliability are hallmarks of MEI's Chemical delivery systems. MEI's chemical systems are controlled via MEI's IDX Automation Software, using either a large color graphical touch screen interface mounted on the unit, via the wet processing system or from MEI's remote interface mounted on a kiosk for controlling multiple systems in multiple locations. Each display shows a graphical representation of the system, indicating the status of all controlled points (valves, pumps, etc.), as well as alarm and interlock status. MEI Chemical Delivery Systems can be delivered stand-alone or integrated with MEI's Wet Process Systems.

MEI is a diversified manufacturing and service company serving the semiconductor and high technology industries. The company's specialties include wet process systems and services; automated chemical delivery systems, robotics automation software; factory relocations, process tool rigging and crating services; clean room safety, ergonomic and support equipment; as well as a variety of manufacturing services, including metal and plastic fabrication and powder coating. MEI was founded in 1990 and currently employs more than 100 people. For more information about MEI, and its product and award winning service, visit

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