Meeting Cost Efficiency with High-Precision-Integral V(TM)

Rockford, IL - January 21, 2009

Since the products first introduction in 2008, Integral V(TM) Technology (IVT) has proceeded to gain momentum as a cost-saving solution to precision aligned linear motion. With over 20 different configurations already available and more under development, PBC Linear's Integral V linear guide system has been successfully implemented into a wide variety of applications. Now, with the newly developed SIMO process (Simultaneous Integral Milling Operation), IVT is poised to deliver more accurate linear motion, with less mounting components.

IVT creates a solution to the common problem of mounting a precision aligned system. Traditional linear guides not only require an entire menagerie of different mounting components, but they also have to undergo a scrupulous aligning process. Using the SIMO process, four synchronized tools concurrently mill an aluminum extrusion on all sides. Creating a consistent, precision-machined extrusion with tighter tolerances (±0.001" from lot to lot) at no added cost-making IVT a very efficient linear guide system in several industries.

Recently, Integral V Technology has been implemented in several manufacturing CNC milling machines. Using a customized integrated design, PBC Linear was able to use IVT to create a more cost effective, precise, aluminum extrusion without the added cost! As a result, IVT has been implemented into the design of the company's new CNC milling system. Another example of how IVT applied was in extreme heat seaming machines. Installed in a newly designed seamer of thermoplastic material, Integral V saved the customer over 60% on installation time and costs! IVT has also been precision machined into PBC Linear's complete line of Linear Actuator Technology (LAT) to ensure reliable accuracy all along the rail.

As PBC Linear heads into 2009, they are looking to expand the Integral V line into new territory. Refining the technology so it can be used in extremely clean environments, and also scaling it down so it can be integrated into very compact spaces. For more information on Integral V Technology, please call 1.800.729.9085, email to

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