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Media Isolated Pressure Sensor features headerless design.

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Media Isolated Pressure Sensor features headerless design.

Jul 30, 2014 - Constructed of 316L SS or ASTM Grade 2 CP titanium, Model 154B is designed without header for O-ring mounting and OEM applications where compatibility with corrosive media is required. Backside compensated unit offers pressure ranges of 0–300 psi gage and 0–28 bar absolute with non-linearity of ±0.3% span. Operating from -40 to +105°C with compensated temperature range of -20 to +85°C, sensor is suited for dialysis machines, salt/brackish water measurements, and refrigeration/compressors.

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154B (Backside) Compensated Media Isolated Pressure Sensor

Press release date: Jul 25, 2014

Measurement Specialties, Inc. (NASDAQ: MEAS) has just released to production its new 19mm small profile 154B (Backside) Compensated media-isolated mV output pressure sensor from the existing 154 Series. Constructed of 316L stainless steel or ASTM Grade 2 CP titanium, the 154B compensated is designed without a header for o-ring mounting and OEM applications where compatibility with corrosive media is required. The titanium option offers greater resistance to corrosive materials and harsh cleaning chemicals, opening the range of its application use to things such as dialysis machines and salt/brackish water measurements.

The 154B’s “headerless” design is a lower cost solution for low pressure applications where the silicon pressure die is attached “upside down” directly to the stainless steel or titanium module. From 0 - 300psi in gage and 0 - 28bar in absolute, the 154B compensated has a pressure non-linearity of ±0.3 %Span with an overload pressure of 2x rated and burst pressure of 3x rated. Operating at a -40°C to +105°C temperature range, this pressure sensor accomplishes the feat of having a compensated temperature range of -20 to +85°C — a range currently unrivaled in the marketplace.

This backside compensated pressure sensor excels at various applications such as: medical instrumentation (dialysis machines), process control, fresh/waste/salt/brackish water measurements, refrigeration/compressors, pressure transmitters and hydraulic controls. Please contact our team of experienced engineers for more custom configurations of this pressure sensor to meet your specific application needs.

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