Measuring Software includes reporting features.

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Profile360 v1.2 includes reporting feature that provides graphical and statistical documentation of production runs. Other report features include time-based report for each measured dimension and status log. Software continuously measures outside profile of moving product and displays pass/fail status. It accepts design files from any CAD system supporting DXF format, and measurement data is automatically rotated and fitted to CAD design.

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Bytewise Releases Profile360(TM) Software Version 1.2 with Reporting Feature

Bytewise Measurement Systems has released Profile360 Version 1.2, an upgrade to the Profile360 software suite. Version 1.2 includes a reporting feature providing graphical and statistical documentation of a production run. Production personnel can easily generate reports showing statistical distribution of measurements for each caliper as histogram charts. Production, engineering and/or quality personnel can quickly assess the results for centering, measurement dispersion and compliance with production limits. The report format is suitable for distribution to customers as documentation of part compliance.

Other report features include a time-based report for each measured dimension (trend format) and a status log showing the time and duration of each state change (pass/warning/fail) for each measurement. Header information may be customized to show pertinent production information. A company logo may even be included to further personalize the report.

About the Profile360: The Profile360 continuously measures the outside profile of a moving product and displays a pass/fail status. A "virtual caliper" utility permits the user to set individual measurements and pass/fail limits for critical dimensions. Caliper tools include thickness and/or width, radius, angle and error measurement. Data display options include the measured value, variation, trend graph or histogram, as well as statistical data such as Cp, Cpk, standard deviation and mean. The Profile360 accepts design files from any CAD system supporting the DXF format and the measurement data is automatically rotated and fitted to the CAD design. For more information, visit

The Profile360 provides analog outputs for process control. All measurement results are logged to a data file that can be accessed by Ethernet. PLC communications are also supported.

The system is offered in a variety of measurement field-of-views, ranging from a 25mm diameter to a 100mm diameter. The accuracy is better than 0.2% of the field of view and the resolution is better than 0.025%.

About Bytewise Measurement Systems: Bytewise Measurement Systems designs and manufactures precision, non-contact measurements systems for a variety of industrial markets. Bytewise is headquartered in Columbus, GA with offices in Akron, OH, and Trelleborg, Sweden. For more information, visit our website at or contact Dennis Reynolds at 330 633 2253 or

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