Measuring Device analyzes without cutting/destroying product.

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Model PG9810-ML Profiler Multilayer Gauge(TM) permits evaluation of multilayer preforms and containers for presence and proper distribution of nylon-based barrier materials in 15 seconds. Operated by pushing one button and reading results, PG9810-ML non-contact, automated measuring device uses IR absorption technology to determine PET and nylon wall thickness. Bench-top device includes 3 built-in test routines, results of which are shown on integrated display.

Original Press Release:

Agr*TopWave LLC Introduces Non-Destructive Device to Verify the Presence of Nylon Barrier Materials in Multilayer Preforms and Containers

Since the introduction of PET multilayer-barrier containers, manufacturers and fillers have been searching for an efficient means to verify that critical barrier materials are in place and distributed properly. Until now, this task has required that preforms or containers be physically cut and layers separated and measured individually. This is a very time consuming and accident-prone process. Furthermore, because of the time involved with the destructive test, only a small sampling of preforms or containers can be checked in this manner.

Agr*TopWave LLC recently announced a breakthrough solution to this problem with the introduction of its new product, the Profiler Multilayer Gauge(TM) (PG9810-ML). This new device permits evaluation of multilayer preforms and containers for presence and proper distribution of nylon-based barrier materials without cutting or destroying the product. With the PG9810-ML, the task of determining the presence, distribution and thickness of barrier materials takes as little as 15 seconds and is as easy as pushing a button and reading the results.

The PG9810-ML is a non-contact, automated measuring device that can determine the presence and thickness of nylon-based barrier materials in PET preforms and containers. The PG9810-ML uses IR absorption technology to accurately determine PET and nylon wall thickness. This bench-top device requires a minimal amount of space and is designed for use in the testing laboratory or on the floor near preform injection-molding or blow molding systems.

Built-in test routines permit the testing of preforms or containers in any of three ways 1) on a pass/fail basis for barrier presence, 2) actual measurement of the material and its distribution over the length of the sample, or 3) 360 deg. horizontal measurement of the material and distribution at specific locations. Test results are shown instantly on a large, integrated display. For measurement tests, the actual thickness profile is charted against a pre-defined tolerance, providing easy identification of non-conforming samples.

Because of its ability to quickly and accurately identify the presence and distribution of nylon barrier materials, PG9810-ML can be a valuable tool for operations manufacturing or filling PET products of this type. Typical applications include:

o Testing preforms during injection molding operations to verify and confirm that the co-injection process is performing properly

o In the bottle blowing process to verify that incoming preforms contain proper barrier materials and that the materials are distributed properly in blown containers

o As a quality tool to verify that all processes meet specified standards

o In the filling operation to verify that incoming containers have the required barrier in place

The Profiler Multilayer Gauge(TM) is a part of Agr*TopWave's broad line of process monitoring and measurement products for plastic container manufacturers. Agr*TopWave LLC, a division of AGR International Inc., develops and manufactures a full line of laboratory, on-line testing/quality and process control devices for plastic containers and similar products. Agr*TopWave's headquarters and main manufacturing facility is located in Butler, PA, USA.

For further information contact: David Dineff, Product Marketing Director, Agr*TopWave LLC, Butler, PA, USA. Phone +1(724)482-2163 or email

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