Measurement Sensor offers sensing lengths to 3.3 ft.

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Big Beam Sensor (BBS) measures width and height of solid and opaque targets. Unaffected by target surface color or reflectivity, BBS uses modulated laser source to back light object being measured. Sensing lengths up to 3.3 ft apart can be achieved without effecting accuracy. Characteristics include 1.18 in. beam height, better than 0.5% accuracy @ 5 kHz, 30 micron repeatability, and typical resolution of 0.00012 in. of measurement range.

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Big Beam Sensor with a Large Field of View Available from LMI Technologies (USA), Inc.

DETROIT, Michigan --- LMI Technologies (USA), Inc. has announced its new Big Beam Sensor featuring a large measurement area that provides greater versatility when measuring width and height of solid and opaque targets in numerous industries. The Big Beam Sensor (BBS) is ideal where fast one dimensional measurements are needed such as on a production line.

Especially significant is that the BBS' functionality, also known as shadow beam measurement, is not affected by target surface color or reflectivity. In essence, the BBS uses a modulated laser source to back light the object being measured. The portion of this light that reaches the receiver (detector) is proportional to the dimension of the part, generating dimensional data output.

"Interfaced to a system controller, the BBS can reduce non-conforming parts shipment and increase production line efficiency and quality control," noted Mike Snow, Regional Sales Manager for LMI Technologies.

The BBS offers a compact package size with sensing lengths up to 1.0 meter (3.3 ft) apart without effecting accuracy. According to LMI Technologies, this is up to three times the distance of other types of non-contact sensors based on the shadow principle.


A large beam height up to 30 mm (1.18 in.) ensures proper measurement for larger targets. Accuracy is better than 0.5 percent at 5 kHz, repeatability is 30 microns and typical resolution is 0.003 mm (0.00012 in.) of the measurement range. Measurement frequency is up to 5kHz. The sensor has a simple, high-speed analog output. A sensor controller/amplifier also comes with the unit.

The LMI Technologies BBS sensor operates like an optical comparator. A laser beam is projected through 1mm thick x 30mm wide diaphragm that shapes the height of the beam. Passing objects block all or part of the laser beam, creating a shadow. The portion of the beam that reaches the receiver is determined by the size or position of the object, or part of it, in the beam. The portion of this light that reaches the receiver (detector) is proportional to the dimension of the part. Measurement accuracy is given over the full 30 mm beam width.

For large object measurement such as diameter gauging or web width edge control, two sensors can be used to measure on each edge, with the difference proportional to part diameter or width.

Sensors can be custom designed for particular OEM applications.

About LMI Technologies (USA), Inc.

LMI Technologies (USA), Inc., is part of LMI Technologies, Inc., a world leader of laser-based machine vision sensors for process monitoring and control in various industries. The company has more than 40 vision and laser sensor models and over 100 issued and pending patents.

For more information on the Big Beam Sensor or any other of the company's laser sensors, contact LMI Technologies (USA), Inc., at 21455 Melrose Ave., Suite 22, Southfield, MI 48075 or call (248) 359-2409, FAX (248) 355-3283 or E-Mail LMI can be found on the Internet at

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