MDSI to Demonstrate OpenCNC Flexibility

Manufacturing Data Systems, IMTS Booth D-4315 will demonstrate the broad advantages of its open architecture machine control OpenCNC® Version 6.6 which includes improved programming flexibility and speed, part program simulation, an improved graphical user interface (GIU) and other features that save programming time and improve usability and flexibility across a wide range of machine tools and automation.

"Our control's unique openness gives us the ability to apply our open architecture machine control advantages to machining centers, lathes and grinders, as well as die cast machines, CNC retrofits, custom machine and automation solutions and entire factories for efficient data collection with minimal hardware," said Michael Mason, managing director. The major savings is in hardware and avoidance of frequently obsoleted, dedicated CNC hardware.

"Overall, the customer is provided with a lower cost, higher performance, reliable control solution with a tremendous amount of flexibility and easy upgradeability. The benefit is that OpenCNC users can improve capital equipment capabilities, even over original performance levels, and beyond most CNC available anywhere today."

OpenCNC software, the first production-proven, unbundled, software CNC built on an open control architecture, enables manufacturers to save cost and keep up with rapidly advancing technology by integrating off-the-shelf hardware and software technologies. It was introduced to the market in 1993 and is installed on thousands of machines across a range of industries.

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