MCAD Software offers reverse engineering capabilities.

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With programming capabilities based on NC-Matic, KEYCREATOR is suited for use on personal computers and offers Pure Geometry modeling approach with localized parametric feature editing and deformation techniques. It also includes reverse engineering, modeling, and drafting software technology. Software can be used in design of tooling, machinery, fixtures, molds, dies, and products such as automobiles, airplanes, and appliances.

Original Press Release:

Kubotek Launches New KEYCREATOR Product Line as Successor to CADKEY

New Multi-Tier Product Line to Include 2D/3D Design, Drafting, NC Programming and Reverse Engineering Capabilities

Marlborough, MA - February 9, 2004 - Kubotek USA, Inc., developer of the popular CADKEY mechanical design products, announced today the product line has been renamed KEYCREATOR. Kubotek USA further announced a half-price pre-release promotion on all new KEYCREATOR licenses through April and the integration of NC programming and reverse engineering capabilities into the product line. The first release of KEYCREATOR is scheduled for April 2004.

Kubotek USA is a newly formed subsidiary of Kubotek Corporation of Osaka, Japan (TSE Code: 7709) which acquired the CADKEY product in December 2003. KEYCREATOR's NC programming capabilities will be based on NC-Matic, a CADKEY integrated enhancement product, which Kubotek Corporation acquired last year from Numerical Technologies of Wixom, MI.

KEYCREATOR products will be built by Kubotek USA headquartered in Marlborough, MA using the 3D ACIS modeler and InterOp Translators from Dassault Systemes' Spatial. CADKEY AUC contracts will be fulfilled with a KEYCREATOR product release planned for shipment in April. Kubotek USA plans to continue selling the product through its established worldwide reseller network.

John Wright McCullough, Kubotek USA Product Manager states, "This announcement obviously marks a major milestone and new beginning for the 19-year old CADKEY community. This year will see some exciting new technology added to the products. Along with available NC capabilities the initial KEYCREATOR release in April will expand rapidly the product line's unique Pure Geometry modeling approach with localized parametric feature editing and sophisticated deformation techniques. Later this year the product line will include the reverse engineering and advanced modeling and drafting software technology which was developed by Kubotek Corporation and is currently available in the Japanese market."

CADKEY was the first truly 3-Dimensional MCAD software for personal computers. The products have been used worldwide by design engineers and manufacturing professionals since 1984 in the design of tooling, complex machinery, fixtures, molds, dies and products such as automobiles, airplanes, sports equipment and appliances.

About Kubotek Corporation
Headquartered in Osaka, Japan and founded in 1985, Kubotek Corporation (TSE Code: 7709) has been a publicly held company traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange since 2001. The company serves the manufacturing and information systems markets throughout Asia by providing products and services in high-end computer and robotic systems, design software, exterior optical and semi-conductor inspection systems, and line observation/monitoring/management systems. Kubotek is an established worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of optical inspection equipment as well as production monitoring and optimization control systems for LCD panels that is based on an image and data network. Kubotek has offices and factories in the Japanese cities of Tokyo, Nagoya and Kyoto as well as in the countries of Taiwan, Korea and Singapore. The company has also recently founded Kubotek USA, Inc., which will be responsible for managing product development and business activities in the United States, including all of the KEYCREATOR-related operations.

Kubotek's overall philosophy is to develop Cybernetic Technology based on the Cybernetics theory proposed by Dr. Norbert Wiener in the 1940s. Using this versatile technology concept, the company creates products that support the daily real-world tasks of its customers by foreseeing their needs. The company's mission is to be the leader in realizing a "21st Century Renaissance" by leveraging technology to provide truly fruitful lives for people through their Creation Engineering Business. Cybernetics Technology combines Machines, Controls, Networks and Information. It is Kubotek's belief that Cybernetic Technology will provide significant business growth that will enable the company to outpace its competitors. For more information, visit:

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