MBO America Introduces Foldmaster Modular Tabletop Folding and Creasing Machines

From the leading name in quality folding comes a versatile and modular line of tabletop folders and creasers ideal for quick printers, in-plants and on-demand production.

MBO America brings a modular solution to the tabletop folder market with the MBO FOLDMASTER system. Designed to address the diversity of the on-demand and smaller finishing markets, as well as growth-minded print shops who want new sales and profit opportunities, the FOLDMASTER line consists of automated and manual buckle folders and knife folders, feeders and creasing and perforating units. Folders are available with 2 or 4 standard (manual) or automated fold plates. The standard version can be upgraded at any time to automatic plates; both can be upgraded or expanded at purchase or in the field at a later time with a cross fold unit, a knife folding unit, a deep pile sheet feeder or a high performance creasing and micro-perforating machine.

There are several choices available in the table top folder and creasing market, but only one with the advantages, accuracy and quality of MBO. MBO focuses not only on the product, but also on meeting the market's needs, and that's where FOLDMASTER surpasses all others. Our modular design let's the user start with a product that fits his budget, and delivers MBO quality. The standard features on our most economical 200 SM folder include a suction feeder, counter, batch counter, spacer unit, mechanical delivery and height adjustable stand. The automated version - 200 SA - eliminates nearly all manual movements and includes memory for stored jobs, menu-guided control, the ability to change to a new fold with the touch of a button and an electric stream delivery.

The FOLDMASTER Creasing and Micro-Perforating machine serves the users' needs with the same modular flexibility. DCM-45 (17 ½") is made of heavy duty construction, with 36mm shafts to prevent flexing, and comes standard with a bottom fed suction feeder, but can be upgraded at any time with a deep pile feeder for longer runs. DCM-75 (29 ½") is also available. Critically important is the 2 pair of creasing shafts that offer potential to position several tools for exceptional versatility and performance. Foldmaster DCM provides the operator with the opportunity of doing multiple tasks or repeat the operation on the same pass for a sharper finish. Either the DCM-45 or DCM-75 can be combined directly in-line with a plate or knife folding machine.

Also available in the Foldmaster line is a deep pile sheet feeder that can work with almost any 8-page unit and resolves the problems friction feeders have with coated stocks. Completing the modular versatility of Foldmaster is the MFK-35 knife folding unit with roller guides that is perfect for heavier stock.

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