Matrix Upgrade 2007: The Datalogic Imager Family is Upgraded

Datalogic presents the Matrix Upgrade 2007, a complete solution that combines
evolved software, new functions and advanced performance with the excellent
characteristics demonstrated by the Matrix(TM) imager family.

Hebron, KY June 20, 2007. Datalogic is pleased to announce the availability of the Matrix
Upgrade 2007, a new version of the Matrix Series, one of the best selling products on the market
for industrial applications using bar codes, 2D, stacked and postal codes.
The Matrix Series offers new features, better performance and a significantly improved reader
that drastically increases its field of use and opens the door to many new types of applications.

The New Matrix allows the effective track and trace function to be used in every application
sector, including the automotive, aerospace, electronics, food and beverage and pharmaceutical

The new Matrix is designed to achieve higher performance on Direct Part Marked applications,
thanks to new decoding libraries and the new dedicated external lighting system accessory line
that includes bright field, dark field, dome, spot and coaxial lightings.

It features the Matrix Code Quality Verifier Solution, which is compliant with AS9132A (Data
Matrix Quality Requirements for Parts Marking) and supports the most common ISO/IEC metric
measurement and print quality test specifications (such as ISO/IEC 15415 for 2D codes and
ISO/IEC 15416 for linear codes). The Code Quality Verifier Solution helps the Manufacturing
Process Control, monitoring how well the printing/marking equipment is performing. It determines
the quality of the print-mark, producing a report on every parameter in the established
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