MaterialsTesting System characterizes electrical materials.

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Designed to test electrical properties of materials ranging from insulators to superconductors, ModuLab MTS combines time domain tests and AC tests together with wide range of modules, providing high voltage, high current, resolution, and sample/reference measurements. Core of system is MAT core module, which makes use of DSP technology to provide accurate experiment control, data acquisition, data averaging, and responsive safety and step limit detection.

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Solartron Analytical Launches Modulab MTS MaterialsTesting System

Modular, Fully Integrated Research System for the Electrical Characterization of Materials from Insulators to Superconductors

FARNBOROUGH, UK - The new ModuLab MTS Materials Testing System from AMETEK Solartron Analytical is the world's most versatile system for the electrical characterization of materials. This modular fully integrated research system is able to test the electrical properties of a wide range of materials from insulators to superconductors.

Many test systems are available to characterize the electrical properties of materials. These systems typically fall into two categories: either they provide time-domain techniques, such as constant DC level, pulse and swept voltage (I-V) to examine the overall electrical properties of a material, or they provide AC techniques such as impedance, capacitance, C-V or Mott-Shottky for more detailed analysis of conduction mechanisms within a material.

The ModuLab MTS represents an entirely new concept that combines time domain tests (I-V, pulse, ramp), and AC tests (C-V, Mott-Schottky, impedance, permittivity), together with a wide range of modules providing high voltage, high current resolution and sample / reference measurements. Additional temperature control and sample holder accessories further broaden the capabilities of the system.

The core of the ModuLab-MTS system is the MAT core module, which makes use of the latest Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology to provide accurate experiment control, high-speed data acquisition, data averaging and responsive safety and step limit detection. Optional modules can be added to the system, including a frequency response analyzer to provide impedance/C-V measurement and temperature accessories such as a cryostat and high-temperature furnace.

Various third-party probe stations can be used with the ModuLab MTS for testing semiconductor wafers. Probe stations provide accurate positioning of probes on the surface of the wafer to allow precision measurements of the wafer's electrical properties. Cryostat control also can be added to provide combined temperature and electrical characterization.

Solartron Analytical is a world leader in instrumentation and software for the characterization of materials and electrochemical systems using precision electrical measurement techniques. It also is aunit of AMETEK Advanced Measurement Technologies, which is a division of AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices with annual sales of $2.1 billion.
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