Material Yield Software extends inventory management.

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Material Yield System, an extension of IMPACT Encore(TM), automatically calculates and displays yields from existing inventory and inventory master items, according to customer-specific dimensional requirements. If cutting operations are required, cutting workflow is created, with blade widths taken into account. Remnant Put Back function places remnants back into stock, automatically creating new inventory codes and updating cost of goods sold on line item.

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Syspro to Show Material Yield Extension to Inventory Control Software

CHICAGO - National Manufacturing Week - March 18, 2002 - The Syspro Group (Booth #6134), a leading provider of enterprise/supply chain software, will be demonstrating a new
inventory management extension designed to fill the specific needs of manufacturers and distributors that rely on the cutting of shapes and pieces from standard size materials, e.g., sheets,
tubes and rods. Specifically, the new Material Yield System is targeted at the Plastics, Steel, Rubber, Paper and Lumber industries which need to maximize yields, minimize waste and return remnants to inventory.

The Material Yield System, an extension to the extensive inventory management capabilities of Syspro's IMPACT Encore(TM) supply chain software, is designed for manufacturers and distributors that sell materials according to customer-specific dimensional requirements. Such custom cut orders require suppliers to determine how the cuts can best be made from standard size sheets, rods or tubes in order to maximize yields and minimize scraps. It can take many man-hours to gauge:
- If the order can be filled from existing inventory;
- If additional materials must be secured from another branch's inventory, made or purchased in order to satisfy the order;
- How to make the required cuts to maximize yields;
- How to allow for blade widths.

In other words, numerous calculations and decisions are required to determine how to best fill orders in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner. The Material Yield System "automates" this process quickly and accurately.

Three major highlight areas of the Material Yield System include:
Yield Calculation - when processing a quotation or a sales order for cut sheet, rod, or tube products, resulting yields are automatically calculated and displayed from existing inventory and inventory master items based upon customer specific dimensional requirements. A cutting workflow is created if any cutting operations are required with blade widths taken into account in yield calculations. The sales person is in complete control of the actual items selected for order processing.

Inventory Part Creation - The system creates the inventory part. Each inventory part includes information pertinent to material type and dimensional characteristics.

Remnant Put Back - The last step in the cutting process is the remnant put back. This feature encompasses the issuing of raw material to the job, receipting the cut item and placing remnants
back into stock, automatically creating new inventory codes and updating the cost of goods sold on that line item. Furthermore, remnants returned to stock can be put back at zero cost or have a
value placed according to needs

The cutting and quality processes have been streamlined through a series of intelligent "work to" queues which control when each work order is scheduled in the process. This frees the operator to focus attention where it is required.

By eliminating waste, the Material Yield System is environmentally friendly and minimizes the need for finding environmentally safe disposal. This type of disposal is often a significant cost item.

The Material Yield System produces savings and enhances service in numerous ways.

Waste is significantly reduced. Because the Material Yield System sends remnants back into stock with the automatic creation of part numbers and values, they become part of the inventory from which new orders are calculated.

With the system's ability to make yield calculations automatically, the training time for new employees is minimized. Sales professionals no longer need to be involved with yield
calculations; they are freed to devote more time to what they do best - sell.

The ability to perform automatic yield calculations speeds order turnaround time.

Faster order turnaround is a powerful contributor to overall customer service.

The Material Yield System is indicative of Syspro's ongoing service to a wide variety of vertical market segments, including Plastics Manufacturers and Distributors, Metal Fabricators and Plywood Manufacturers.

Syspro's IMPACT Encore is a fully integrated, modular enterprise-wide system. IMPACT Encore optimizes the abilities of single and multi-site manutacturers (repetitive, custom, quick-turn and mixed mode) and distributors. It offers outstanding price/perforinance and balance of functionality. More than 40 application modules cover financial controls, sales, purchasing, inventory control, MRP/production control, forecasting, distribution, Advanced Planning, Scheduling & Execution and CRM, enabling firms to tailor solutions specific to their requirements. IMPACT Encore supports Microsoft SQL and runs on
Windows® 2000, XP, NT and 98, as well as Unix, Linux and Novell.

The Syspro Group, established in 1978, is a world leader in providing manufacturing, distribution and financial accounting software solutions with thousands of installations in more
than 50 countries. Syspro is one of the world's most honored software companies. Recent milestones include: START Magazine's First Annual Vision Award (2001); Number One Ranking in 2002 Middle Market ERP Software conducted by Accounting Research, Inc.; Named Finalist for Developer of the Year (2001) by the Software Council of Southern California; Ranked Among World's Top Software Companies by MSI Magazine, Managing Automation
Magazine, Software Magazine, VAR Business; Consistently High Ratings in both the Accounting and Manufacturing Software Reviews by CPA Software News for ten consecutive years; "Hottest Company" designation by START Magazine for Three Years; Placed in Top Ten Mid-Market Accounting and Beginning ERP Markets by K2 Enterprises; and Certification by the Accounting Library for the past three years.

Syspro Group software is marketed worldwide through regional territory distribution centers in the U.S., Canada, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia and the U.K.

Syspro headquarters for the Americas are located in Costa Mesa, Calif., from which the company markets its IMPACT Encore supply chain software to emerging companies in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. or email

For additional information, please contact Stan Goodrich at 714/437-1000.

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