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With integrated modules, web-based Wynsoft™ bridges gap between traditional warehouse control systems designed to direct real-time activities in warehouse or distribution center and warehouse management systems or ERP systems that control overall operation. Interoperable modules work within controls, workflow, and operations layers of facility, providing time sensitive statistical data to visibility layer which, in turn, delivers business intelligence required to make informed decisions.

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Wynright Launches New Wynsoft(TM) Software for Material Handling

Wynright Corporation, a leading independent, U.S.-based provider of intelligent material handling systems, today announced the launch of its new web-based Wynsoft™ software suite.

The modular, layered software solution is the first to bridge the gap effectively between traditional warehouse control systems (WCS) designed to direct real-time activities in the warehouse or distribution center (DC) and warehouse management systems (WMS) or ERP systems that control the overall operation. By using integrated modules rather than separately written controls for each, Wynsoft™ allows for greater efficiency and accuracy as goods move throughout the supply chain, while also lowering costs.

“Traditional WCS software was sufficient in the days when warehouses and DCs were primarily focused on filling orders to stores,” said Randy Marble, Director of Wynright Software Solutions. “In today’s eCommerce-driven environment, however, WCS isn’t enough. Our Wynsoft™ software suite provides greater flexibility and visibility to address the needs of the 24 x 7 operation, creating a smoother flow of product while delivering the information which supports speedy, intelligent decision making. And the modular design means smaller organizations can begin by addressing a few specific areas of need, while larger enterprises have the option of adopting the entire solution.”

Among the advantages of Wynsoft™ are:

•  User interface is modeled after contemporary smartphone/tablet “tile” designs, making it easy to learn and use with minimal training

•  Users can create live tiles that provide instant alerts on their home screens

•  Web-based interface with thin client allows users to check and control their material handling system quickly from anywhere they have an internet connection

•  Custom reports are easily created by the user without the need for IT

•  It can be used with virtually any brand(s) of material handling equipment

The eight Wynsoft™ modules currently available were developed based on the real-world needs of three large beta-test organizations, and have already been proven in several months of continuous operation. These interoperable modules work within the controls, workflow and operations layers of the facility and provide time sensitive statistical data to the visibility layer which, in turn, delivers the business intelligence required to make smart, informed decisions. The Wynsoft™ modules include:

•  Decant

•  Fulfillment

•  Labeler

•  Auditor

•  Guardian

•  Convey

•  Transporter

•  Communicator

Future modules will address additional operations, workflow and controls scenarios typical to most distribution and fulfillment facilities. Wynsoft™ software is backwards-compatible with Wynright’s AutoExec® and AutoExec Guardian® WCS, allowing organizations to preserve their current investments.

“There is a huge need for integrated controls within the supply chain right now,” Marble said. “More and more organizations are putting some form of material handling into their environments, and they don’t have the time for large, complex integration projects. They just need everything to work. The Wynsoft™ solution answers that need today, and positions our clients for future growth.”

About Wynright

Wynright Corporation is the nation’s leading independent, U.S.-based provider of intelligent material handling systems. With more than 200 engineers in-house, the company designs, manufactures, integrates and installs the full spectrum of intralogistics solutions, offering both Wynright-branded and third-party equipment to meet customer needs. These include leading-edge conveyor and sortation systems, voice- and light-directed order fulfillment equipment, a suite of warehouse controls and execution software, robotics, mezzanines, and structures, all backed by critical round-the-clock service and support.

Since its founding in 1972, Wynright has been a trusted partner to some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing companies, showing them how to use their space more efficiently to deliver improved productivity, today and tomorrow. For more information on our services, technology and product portfolio, please visit

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