Material Handling Cart holds 2 dollies.

Press Release Summary:

Suited for forklift-free environments, E-Cart hydraulically lifts dollies approximately 1 in. off ground using foot pumps and lowers dollies with turn of relief valve. It will always be tugged rather than manually moved so casters can be soft, pliable wheels that will be quiet, shed debris, and not skid around corners. Dollies have hard wheels that facilitate pushing and maneuvering.

Original Press Release:

Another Step to Fork Truck Free Enviroment

(Sturtevant Wisconsin) Topper Industrial is a leader in design and manufacturing of material handling solutions.

The Topper E-Cart is your answer to a completely fork-truck-free environment. It is a flexible system that lends itself to other fork-truck environments as well.

Similar to the corral cart, the E-Cart holds two dollies for tugging purposes. However, the E-Cart actually lifts the dollies off the ground which makes many options and configurations available. These options include the types of casters, the weight capacity of the dolly, and roll-on/roll-off capabilities.

The E-Cart will always be tugged rather than manually moved so the casters can be a soft, pliable wheels that will be quiet, will shed debris, and will not skid around corners. The dollies will never be tugged so they can have hard wheels that are easy to push and maneuver. The dollies can be 4-wheel or 6-wheel configurations and the E-Cart can be 4-wheel standard or quad-steer designs.

Since the dollies will never be tugged there is no need for tow bars or rear couplers which means they will fit over lift, tilt, and/or turn tables easier and the fixtures will not be in the way for operator part presentation or packing in semi-trailers for transport. The E-Cart will always be tugged so there is no hitching or unhitching which will also help with ergonomic issues of trying to align heavy dollies.

Dollies are lifted hydraulically approximately one inch in the E-Cart with a minimal number of foot pumps. They are then lowered by simply turn a relief valve.

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