Mass Spectrometer provides sub ppm mass accuracy.

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Hybrid FTICR Mass Spectrometer, LTQ FT Ultra(TM), analyzes complex matrices and large molecules with resolution in excess of 750,000. Ultra Cell ICR cell design optimizes sensitivity and widens dynamic range to exceed 4,000. System can be equipped with ECD and IRMPD fragmentation techniques, which can be used on LC timescale. Powered by Xcalibur(TM) software, spectrometer can be configured with layered application software including ProSightPC(TM), SIEVE(TM), MetWorks(TM), and BioWorks.

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Thermo Introduces the LTQ FT Ultra Hybrid FTICR, the Most Powerful New Mass Spectrometer on the Market

SAN JOSE, California (Aug 9, 2006) - Thermo Electron Corporation, world leader in analytical instrumentation announces the launch of its next generation hybrid FTICR mass spectrometer, the LTQ FT Ultra(TM). This new instrument analyzes complex matrices and large molecules with independent sub ppm mass accuracy, ultra high resolution in excess of 750,000 and improved detection circuitry. The LTQ FT Ultra is equipped with a novel ICR cell design, the Ultra Cell, which improves sensitivity and widens the dynamic range to exceed 4000, all on an LC timescale. It is suited for top-down and bottom-up proteomics as well as metabolomics and was unveiled recently at the 54th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Seattle, Washington.

Thermo's new LTQ FT Ultra is the ideal analytical solution for monitoring complex mixtures such as Dissolved Organic Matters (DOM), polymers and crude oil samples as well as for the unambiguous identification of unknown analytes with on-line LC-MS/MS at any concentration. This hybrid FTICR mass spectrometer provides attomole sensitivity for identification of low abundance peptides on a routine basis.

The linear excitation characteristics of the Ultra Cell allow larger cyclotron radii, which dramatically reduce space charge effects. These performance gains are achieved without the costs and difficulties associated with a higher field magnet. The LTQ FT Ultra is the successor of Thermo's Finnigan(TM) LTQ FT(TM) high performance hybrid mass spectrometer, which was introduced in 2003, winning the Editors' Silver Award at PITTCON 2003. It has been developed based on the proven combination of Thermo's FTICR platform and the LTQ XL(TM) advanced linear ion trap.

This new and easy to use FTICR hybrid mass spectrometer features unmatched Data Dependant(TM) acquisition speed and can be equipped with ECD and IRMPD fragmentation techniques that can be used on the LC timescale.

The LTQ FT Ultra is powered by Thermo's Xcalibur(TM) software and can also be configured with layered application software including ProSightPC(TM)*, SIEVE(TM), MetWorks(TM) and BioWorks(TM).

For more information on Thermo's LTQ FT Ultra ultimate FTICR hybrid mass spectrometer, please call +1 800-532-4752, e-mail or alternatively visit

*ProSightPC is a trademark of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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