Mass Spectrometer offers femtogram detection limits.

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Model 320-MS triple quadrupole mass spectrometer is capable of femtogram detection limits and mass range up to 2,000 da to identify wide range of compounds. With design that enables switching between liquid chromatography and gas chromatography formats, unit occupies less than 72 cm of linear bench space and is offered with MS Workstation software v6.8, HPLC pumps and detectors, industry standard gas chromatographs, and line of HPLC and GC columns.

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Varian, Inc. 320-MS Triple Quad Offers Femtogram Detection Limits in a Uniquely Flexible Instrument

PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 16 // -- Varian, Inc. (Nasdaq Global Select: VARI) today debuted a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS) capable of femtogram detection limits and a mass range up to 2000 Da to identify a wide range of compounds. The 320-MS touts a unique design, enabling researchers to switch between a LC (liquid chromatography) and GC (gas chromatography) format, and is available as a triple-quadrupole MS or a single-quadrupole MS that can later be upgraded to a triple-quadrupole.

The superior performance and flexibility of the instrument is contained in less than 72 cm of linear bench space, which is substantially smaller than other competing systems. Additionally, the 320-MS offers a complete package solution, including a new version (v6.8) of Varian's MS Workstation software, newly designed HPLC pumps and detectors optimized for LC/MS, industry standard gas chromatographs, and a comprehensive line of chromatography columns including Varian's Pursuit® HPLC columns and FactorFour(TM) GC columns.

Mass spectrometry is a highly selective and sensitive instrument technique used to identify and quantify compounds, even in the most difficult-to-analyze samples. The information-rich results produced by MS are particularly critical for pharmaceutical, life science, toxicology, and environmental laboratories. Environmental scientists use LC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS to identify, confirm and quantify contaminants in drinking water, waste-water, and soil. MS can also be used in food and agriculture applications to confirm and quantify pesticide residues and ingredients in food, as well as in pharmaceutical applications to determine the presence of drug metabolites in blood and urine.

"The 320-MS is the latest addition to our information rich detection (IRD) product portfolio and demonstrates our commitment to further expand and support our mass spectrometry instrumentation," said Martin O'Donoghue, senior vice president of Scientific Instruments, Varian, Inc. "With this next generation quadrupole mass spectrometer, we've substantially expanded our customer base by offering a complete, robust and flexible solution to both the casual MS user, as well as the expert."

The 320-MS has several unique technology features that enhance the instrument's overall sensitivity and use. A superior detector design offers 20 times better negative ion sensitivity than most conversion dynode-based systems available today. In addition, patent-pending SelecTemp(TM) and SelecFlow provide more robust operation and ease of method development. SelecTemp features electronic control of the Atmospheric Pressure Ionization (API), which delivers optimum drying gas during gradient LC separations by controlling the temperature distribution throughout a complete analytical run. SelecFlow complements the SelecTemp feature by electronically controlling the API gas pressures and providing clean, robust operation of the instrument and maximum 'up-time' for the laboratory.

The Varian 320-MS is currently available for order and delivery. The 320- MS is the latest introduction in the company's line of mass spectrometry instruments, which already includes single and triple quadrupole, ion trap, and Fourier Transform (FT) MS systems. Part of Varian, Inc.'s strategy is to strengthen the company's IRD product portfolio, which provides users with multi-dimensional layers of knowledge critical to their ability to optimize analyses and processes. These products include nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, mass spectrometry (MS), and Fourier Transform-infrared (FT-IR) systems. For more technical information about the new Varian 320-MS, please visit

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