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Mass Notification System supports multimodal communications.

Press Release Summary:

In addition to SMS text, E-mail, cell phone, landline, and other traditional means of communication, UnityAlert(TM) offers wireless point-to-multi-point information dissemination delivered to various multi-sensory wireless devices. It permits zoned, targeted, and all-inclusive message delivery. Diverse device support allows system to attract attention during emergency as well as provide informational assistance to hearing and vision impaired.

Original Press Release:

Aquis Communications Announces Launch of UnityAlert Emergency Mass Notification System

YORKTOWN, Va. -- Aquis Communications, a subsidiary of ComSoft Corporation, announced the successful launch of its UnityAlert(TM) Emergency Mass Notification System. UnityAlert(TM) is a multimodal, mass notification system which incorporates multi-sensory wireless equipment and the most comprehensive notification architecture in the industry. Systems have already been deployed at Centre College in Danville, KY; Pikeville College and Pike County 911 in Pikeville, KY; Portsmouth City Schools in Portsmouth, OH and a number of government institutions.

Brian Bobeck, Aquis' President said "UnityAlert(TM) was developed due to shortfalls in existing mass notification systems. Aquis leveraged our critical communications experience and developed a fully comprehensive system. We expanded the ways in which constituents in a campus environment can be notified." In addition to SMS text, E-mail, cell phone, landline and other traditional means of communication, UnityAlert(TM) offers wireless point-to-multi-point information dissemination delivered to a variety of multi-sensory wireless devices. The devices include large LED display boards, wall-mounted emergency display devices, wireless sirens as well as personal devices. The system permits zoned, targeted and all inclusive message delivery. The devices feature flashing strobe lights, audible alarms, text message displays and text to speech announcements. These capabilities collectively improve the ability of the system to attract attention during an emergency as well as provide informational assistance to the hearing and vision impaired. At the heart of the system is UnityAlert(TM) Dispatch Software with both client and hosted solutions available.

The UnityAlert(TM) system has been designed to provide robust and reliable time critical emergency notification messaging, alarms and voice commands to any environment or geographical area. The system can accommodate larger public areas as well as smaller areas such as classrooms, stairwells, dormitory rooms and offices. The UnityAlert(TM) system may also be used for informational messages such as weather, events or schedule changes. The software can also send instant messages to viral community forums such as MSN, AOL, Yahoo, Twitter and Facebook.

Mr. Bobeck adds "many schools, universities and healthcare institutions have relied on systems utilizing SMS Text and e-mail as their sole or main delivery mechanism. Transient students, congested cellular networks, SMS text delays as well as coverage issues have made this notification method unreliable when used as the sole method of notification. The UnityAlert(TM) system will notify cell phones, SMS text, pagers, land line phones, E-mail, fax and community based applications such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, UnityAlert(TM) will allow any entity to take more responsibility in ensuring a safe environment by supplying strategically located equipment throughout their facilities. The Campus should not just rely on users supplying their own equipment. The more diverse the system the more effective it will be in an emergency situation. Campus visitors and other members of the public will receive notification regardless of their personal communication devices and regardless if they registered with the system or campus."

UnityAlert(TM) supports the Joint Commission's Emergency Management Standard EM 02.02.01. UnityAlert(TM) also supports the 2008 HEOA (Higher Education Opportunities Act) Section 485. UnityAlert(TM) qualifies for grants under the HEOA Section 821 awarding funds for Emergency Notification Systems.

About Aquis Communications - Aquis Communications is a critical communications company whose history dates back more than 25 years. Aquis is headquartered in Yorktown Virginia with offices in PA, NJ, TN, GA and WV. Aquis provides mission-critical and time-sensitive communications services to government agencies, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, public safety and industrial organizations throughout the country.

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