Marlin Steel Gets New Trumpf 3120 Press Brake

The Marlin Steel Press Brake brings precision to all your products - no matter what their shape, size or placement. The benefits are obvious; with the elimination of unnecessary tool changes, your costs are lower and the production of your sheet metal work is more precise. Part quality is increased. It simplifies the process of designing parts, allowing us to ship faster and more efficiently.

o Tolerance = 10 microns and 0.25 degrees on 122" length

o 132 tons of force

o 122" (3104 mm) bending length

o four axis back gauge

Marlin Steel Engineers Solve Your Product Engineering Problems

o Cost-efficient, even at low capacity

o Configurable to your specific requirements

o High positioning accuracy

o Productive, Reliable, Accurate Bending

o 200 mm/sec speed achieved by the beam as it moves towards the bending edge

o Fast cycle times

o Up to 5 CNC-controlled backgauge axes

o Flexible - We can handle angled bends

o 4-cylinder drive technology reduces sagging in the beam

o Precise Bending Results

Click here to go to the Marlin Steel website to learn more about the new Trumpf 3120 Press Break

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