Marlin Steel Builds Steel Enclosures for Blue1USA DEF Systems

Marlin Steel Wire Products, a Baltimore, Maryland-based manufacturer of sheet metal enclosures, built metal housings for the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) storage and dispensing systems of Blue1USA of Georgia.

Blue1USA turned to Marlin to protect its sealed DEF units - a "green" technology used to clean engines on trucks. The system converts NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water and helps motor carriers meet 2010 federal emission pollution standards. The boxes needed to be custom-designed to fit the insulated fiberglass housing around the cleaning system. They also had to be durable for use at fleet fueling stations and commercial truck stops.

The containers were among the first custom-built by Marlin to employ rivets instead of welds. The parts needed to be manufactured to extremely small tolerances - plus-or-minus 1/16th of an inch. That precision was critical to maintaining the structural integrity of the units. Within a few weeks, Marlin began shipping the first of its 75 units for the client's system.

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