Marking Tool features diamond tip.

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Multi-Scribe(TM) sheet metal marking tool handles various materials and can be used for conventional sheet scribing or dot-matrix marking. Depth of mark can be altered as needed to vary from fine to heavy lines. Tool does not deform material or mark underside of sheets. It is available in thick turret, thin turret, Strippit®, Trumpf®, and 114 Wiedemann® styles to accommodate array of punch presses.

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Possibilities are Endless with Wilson Multi-Scribe

New sheet metal marking tool effective in unlimited range of applications

WHITE BEAR LAKE, MINN. (March 1, 2006) - Sheet metal marking flexibility has reached a new peak with Wilson Tool's Multi-Scribe(TM) tool. Punch press fabricators can now mark in a range of materials, depths and applications.

Change the Program, Not the Tool

Rather than changing tools for different sheet marking situations, the remarkable flexibility of Multi-Scribe enables fabricators to simply change their machine program instead. Multi-Scribe smoothly handles various materials and can be used for conventional sheet scribing or dot-matrix marking.

Wide Range of Applications

Multi-Scribe provides an excellent way to mark sheet metal with part, serial or tracking numbers, names, logos, and virtually anything else imaginable. It's extremely useful for not only part identification, sorting and assembly, but also as a branding tool.

Scribe Depth, Consistency and Quality

With Multi-Scribe, the depth of the mark can be altered as needed. The tool's diamond-cut precision deftly varies from finer to heavier lines, which is especially useful for logos and other graphic elements. When depth consistency is the goal, Multi-Scribe handles the task steadily, creating uniform marks in each piece.

Using a special diamond tip, Multi-Scribe provides extended tool life and produces the highest quality marking available anywhere. It never deforms the material or marks the underside of the sheet.


Multi-Scribe is now available in thick turret, thin turret, Strippit®, Trumpf® and 114 Wiedemann® styles to accommodate an array of punch presses.

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For nearly 40 years, Wilson Tool International® ( has been a leading provider of tooling solutions that enhance the performance of sheet metal fabricating machinery worldwide. Wilson Tool International is the world's largest independent manufacturer of tooling systems for punch presses, press brakes and punch and die components for the stamping industry. Products are manufactured at the company's world headquarters in White Bear Lake, Minn., USA, at their European facility in Swindon, England and now at their site in Shanghai, China, serving a growing customer base in that region. Wilson Tool's network of sales engineers and international distributors operate in virtually every industrialized nation around the globe.

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