Marking System is suited for use as end effector on robots.

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DMM 20 dot-peen/scribe marking head features marking window of .80 x .80 in. and marking speed of 2 sec for UID/2D Matrix code. Movements of cylindrical unit are operated by standard EasyMarker® controller with 4 line LCD and standard keyboard for data input. Actuation of marking head is integrated to serial or I/O control systems of robots or automation, and 10 in. long, 4 in. dia, 6.5 lb device also includes electrical and marking cables.

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New Compact Columbia UID/ 2D Data Matrix Dot Peen Scribe Marking System is Ideal for Application with Robots or Hand Held Applications

Compact, cylindrical 2D Data Matrix marking head is suited for the industrial environment and fits into tight place.

With the UID/2D (Unique Identification) Matrix code becoming the preferred identification mark because of its broad information capabilities, there has been a need for very compact marking heads that can be applied to various automation devices like robots. Recently, Columbia Marking Tools, Inc., industry's leading supplier of the UID/2D Data Matrix code marking systems, introduced the new compact DMM 20 dot-peen/scribe marking head. This marking unit is only 10-inches long and 4-inches in diameter. It weighs only 6.5-pounds and is ideal for application as an end effector on robots.

The DMM 20 marking head has a marking window of .80 x .80-inches (20 x 20mm) and a marking speed of 2 seconds for a typical UID/2D Matrix code. The movements of the marking head are operated by a standard EasyMarker® controller that has a 4 line LCD screen and uses a standard keyboard for data input. UID/2D Data Matrix codes require the use of Columbia Signumeric(TM) software which is Windows based. Actuation of the marking head is easily integrated to the serial or I/O control systems of robots or specific automation.

Because Columbia Marking Tools is an authorized Cognex Certified Vision Integrator, they have the ability to provide the necessary integration of proper reading and verifying capability for UID/2D Data Matrix code marking...a requirement when applying 2D Data Matrix codes. See

A standard DMM 20 system includes the marking head, controller, keyboard, and electrical and marking cables. Columbia also provides integration services for the software and the Cognex vision verification systems, as well as engineering, design and build services for retrofit systems, turnkey robotic systems and/or special mounting or locating details.

Columbia Marking Tools is a leading designer and manufacturer of metal and plastic marking equipment including stamps, roll marking dies, roll marking and impact marking machines, fully programmable laser, peen/scribe marking and UID/2D Square ◙ Dot® machines, numbering heads and special marking machines.

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