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Mechanicsburg, Pa- Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a customer lease program for the popular EZ Mark plotter system, the MARKINGenius® and Rolly 1000 high speed thermal print systems and the DIN rail cutter. According to the Equipment Leasing Association (ELA) nearly 80% of US businesses are leasing some or all of their equipment and technology and so this new ASI EZ Lease program fits well with the demands in the market by businesses to improve both productivity and cash flow.

For as little as $51.00 per month customers can now have access to some of the most efficient and effective industrial printing systems and tools for cutting DIN rails now available. ASI is offering 8 different lease packages and has partnered with one of the top 100 equipment lease firms to offer these competitively priced lease programs. An easy to complete lease application can be found on line at the ASI website with approvals normally given within 24 hours! The 8 different lease packages consist of various marking systems either by themselves or combined with the ASI DIN rail cutter giving the customer a complete choice based on his labeling and cutting requirements.

The EZ Mark industrial printing system is a traditional pen plotter system that has the capability of printing labels for terminal blocks, wire markers, cable markers, name plates, switch plates and more. The software makes the system very versatile and ASI offers terminal block labels for every terminal block manufacturer, all of which can be printed in the EZ Mark system.

The MARKINGenius is a high speed desktop printer that can produce labels 15 times faster than a traditional pen plotter system. It uses thermal print technology in a very quiet easy to operate machine that can be placed in the factory or in an office environment. It prints labels for just about any industrial use including terminal blocks, wires and cables, equipment labels and more. Since it can print in either black or over 4,000 different colors it can also be used for any type of information or drawing which you may want to mount in your equipment.

The Rolly 1000 is a very high speed thermal print system that is ideal for inexpensive reel labels such as in the case of wire markers. It can print over 1000 markers in less than 2 minutes making it ideal for large volume jobs such as in control panels and automation equipment. Many customers combine this system with either the EZ Mark or MARKINGenius system to insure that all of their marking and printing needs can be met.

Finally, as part of this leasing package ASI is including the option of adding the 4 bore DIN rail cutter to any of the printing packages. Most customers using this type of labeling equipment are involved with mounting DIN rail components in their panels and so by adding this tool to the package they will cover all of their production requirements.

Information on all 8 of these lease packages can be found online at along with information on each of these productivity tools. Or you can call toll-free at 877-650-5160 and speak directly to a customer service representative who can assist in answering any of your questions on the ASI EZ Lease program or these systems.

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