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Concentri Personal Relevance Marketing software delivers messages to individual consumers, based on their preferences, via email, web, or mobile phones. Software features integration with Customer Relationship Management systems and marketing databases and includes non-technical content management not requiring use of HTML. Product includes workflow and collaboration tools, membership and role-based security, and support for web services.

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Knotice Gets Personal With New Marketing Software for Email, Web and Mobile Devices

Knotice's Concentri Platform Allows Marketers to Deliver Personally Relevant Messages to Each Consumer, Strengthening Brand Ties and Creating a Competitive Edge

AKRON, Ohio, June 26 / -- Knotice Ltd., today announced the industry's first software solution for Personal Relevance Marketing (PRM). Knotice's PRM platform Concentri allows marketers to easily create and manage marketing campaigns from a central console that delivers consistent messaging to each consumer over email, Web or mobile channels. Concentri builds on Knotice's success in permission email and Web marketing and adds support for marketing to mobile devices.

PRM is the next generation in marketing communications. By tailoring messages for individual consumers based on their own preferences, over multiple marketing media, companies can create stronger brand relationships and increase competitive advantage.

Forward-thinking marketers have been looking for a way to maintain brand awareness in the current media landscape. Consumers today are tuning out traditional forms of marketing. They have shorter attention spans, new tools to filter unwanted advertising, and less patience for companies who don't respect their preferences. Companies are beginning to market where their consumers prefer -- email, Web and mobile devices have become marketing channels.

The key to marketing over interactive media such as mobile or email is relevancy. Studies have shown that relevant marketing is extremely effective. In fact, 60% of immediate purchases from email are driven by a high degree of relevancy. (Jupiter Research, May 2005)

Knotice's Concentri software provides marketers with a system for taking advantage of new media channels and at the same time maintaining relevant brand messaging across all media. Consumers receive the same, relevant messages through email, SMS or a Web site.

"A marketer's goal is to connect with consumers on a personal level, with messaging that speaks specifically to that consumer," said Sam Gerace, Founder of interactive marketing pioneer BeFree. "Interactive channels like mobile phones and the Web fulfill that promise, but managing all the personal variables to create relevant and consistent messages is a marketing nightmare. Knotice's platform is one of the most innovative and easy to use software solutions I've seen that allows marketers to reach the consumer at a personal level. It handles the complex technical details so marketers can concentrate on the creative and not the technology delivering it."

Knotice PRM in Action

Personally Relevant Marketing is one-step beyond opt-in marketing. With simple preference information, a company can create the kind of personal relationship and loyalty customers have in a face to face interaction. For example, a local supermarket might offer specials to its customers each week. With Personal Relevance Marketing, a vegetarian customer would never get offers for meat products. In another example a record company might offer ring tones to a customer over their phone. With Concentri, a label could run the same campaign to both country music and hip hop music lovers without offering either the wrong type of music. Either offer could be delivered to the consumer over email, Web or their mobile phone, depending on the consumer's preference.

"The consumer is king. We're entering the age of individual marketing and big brands are racing to catch up," said Brian Deagan, CEO of Knotice. "Consumers are tuning out traditional forms of marketing and have less patience for companies who don't respect their preferences. As companies begin to move to new media like mobile as a marketing channel, their messages not only need to be permission-based but tailored to the individual. Knotice provides a way for marketers to create a one on one brand relationship with a consumer that builds loyalty and stimulates sales opportunities."

Concentri from Knotice

Knotice's Concentri is a marketing software platform that delivers consistent, relevant marketing communications over email, Web and mobile devices. Concentri is the only solution on the market that was designed as a multi-channel marketing platform from day one and allows marketers to manage the content from a centralized place.

Concentri makes it easy for marketing professionals to provide the right message across the right media. Concentri is enterprise-ready and integrates easily with existing workflow and CRM investments to leverage marketing automation. The software's cross-platform delivery and centralized management eliminate the need for separate email, Web and mobile solutions, letting marketers focus on the message rather than managing multiple applications for delivering it.

Designed for marketing professionals rather than technology experts, Concentri manages complex campaigns over Web browser. The solution includes the following features:

o Native support for multi-channel campaigns
o Relevant content serving over multiple channels
o Tight integration with CRM systems and marketing databases
o Conversion tracking
o Agile Content Management - easy-to-use content creation for non-
technical users, including robust templating, modular content
management, and easy preview and testing before delivery
o No-coding - non-technical users can create sophisticated email and Web
campaigns without writing a single line of HTML. Also supports upload
from HTML editors
o Enterprise architecture - includes a suite of workflow and
collaboration tools, membership and role-based security, support for
Web services, distributed deployment options and enterprise-class

Concentri is available today. Support for mobile campaigns is in beta use, and will be generally available in the Fall of 2006.

About Knotice

Knotice is a software company that provides solutions for Personal Relevance Marketing (PRM) -- marketing communications tailored for individual consumers based on their own preferences-over email, Web and mobile. Our solutions give companies a competitive edge by creating strong brand relationships with customers through consistent, personally relevant marketing tailored to each consumer across multiple marketing media.

By integrating marketing campaigns over email, Web and mobile, major marketers can ensure consistent brand and message presentation regardless of how it reaches the consumer. Brands can create a bond with the consumer by showing that they respect individual preferences not only in product, but in how they prefer to receive offers and communications.

Source: Knotice Ltd.

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