Market Intelligence Toolkit targets senior management teams.

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Offering strategic business tools for optimized decision-making, [executive] Navigator(TM) includes sell-side analyst reports, financial graphing and competitive benchmarking tools, industry-specific stock indices, and economic indicators. From one centralized platform, users see complete picture with context and relevance to track news and trends of market-moving events; monitor market insight about their company and competition; and evaluate fiscal health and performance of companies of interest.

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Industry Intelligence Inc. Introduces New Market Intelligence Toolkit for Senior Management Teams

[executive] Navigator offers strategic business tools for optimized decision-making and improved operational performance

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17 /-- Industry Intelligence Inc., developer of [Crisis] Navigator(TM), an executive-level market intelligence solution, today announced the release of [executive] Navigator(TM) and a repositioning of its product line to include broader insight, improved functionality and a greater number of strategic business tools.

Industry Intelligence business solutions help companies focus on everyday challenges - from preserving the company's profitability in a highly competitive environment to making strategic decisions that determine overall operational performance.

"This repositioning helps us elevate and communicate the power of this comprehensive toolkit -- the [executive] Navigator -- to meet the needs of a growing number of companies seeking further clarity and transparency concerning market-moving events," said Rami Ghandour, CEO and founder of Industry Intelligence Inc.

"Executives face multiple challenges every day, including balancing different viewpoints to get un unbiased picture of their industry," Ghandour added. "Our solution provides the clarity they need amid the chaos of information overload."

A hallmark of Industry Intelligence's business value is the 360 degree view of integrated content - news, data, analysis research and more - provided to clients of their targeted industry and macro environment. From one centralized platform, users see the complete picture with context and relevance to 1) track the news and trends of market-moving events; 2) monitor market insight about their company and competition; and 3) evaluate the fiscal health and performance of companies of interest.

Through [executive] Navigator, an executive has immediate access to a wide range of powerful analytical tools, including:

-- Transcripts: earnings calls and industry conferences

-- Sell-side analyst reports

-- Financial graphing and competitive benchmarking tools

-- Industry-specific stock indices

-- Capacity center - activity on closures, layoffs, restarts

-- Market-sector-specific news

-- Economic indicators

-- Interviews with CEOs and senior executives

-- Independent opinion and commentary

-- Real-time earnings/events calendar

As a result of feedback from executive clients, Industry Intelligence plans to introduce additional products or services over the next several quarters, including a Timberlands Activity Center for the forest products vertical and a Mergers and Acquisition Center for paper and plastic packaging.

The executive toolkit was originally developed and launched more than a year ago under the name of [Crisis] Navigator, in response to clients' need to better understand how the recession would affect their businesses. It fast became a must-have tool to help senior management teams navigate the unstable economy and industry landscape.

About Industry Intelligence Inc.

Industry Intelligence Inc., along with its sister company Forestweb, specialize in providing business intelligence solutions for a diverse group of industries, including wood products, pulp and paper, timberlands, builders and developers, and packaging (paper and plastic).

As a Web-based provider of information management solutions, Industry Intelligence delivers the meaning behind the information: who, what, where and why. By providing all users with exactly what they want, how they want it, when they want it and where they want it, they get a complete picture. This actionable intelligence allows each user to connect the dots between various market drivers so they can see their industry from all angles.

Founded in 1999, privately held, and headquartered in Los Angeles, Industry Intelligence Inc. and Forestweb Inc. have worked with more than 600 companies worldwide. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Industry Intelligence Inc., +1-310-553-0008

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