Maritime Voice Application delivers at-sea connectivity.

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Promoting connectivity via smartphones and tablets, Connect at Sea(TM) lets passengers and crew make phone calls and send text messages from Apple iOS and Android devices while at sea. Call can be made to and received from anywhere around worldwide, while intra-ship fosters group planning/tracking and lets crew call other vessels. Service works with vessel's Wi-Fi infrastructure and data/voice prioritization strategy for maritime industry.

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MTN Satellite Communications and Wireless Maritime Services Partner to Introduce First Maritime Voice Application

Connect at Sea(TM) Application Enables Passengers and Crew to Stay Connected via Smartphones and Tablets

MIRAMAR, Fla. -- MTN Satellite Communications (MTN), the leading global provider of maritime communications, connectivity and content services to remote locations around the world, and Wireless Maritime Services (WMS), the world leader in providing cellular service to the cruise line and ferry industry, today announced the availability of the Connect at Sea voice application, enabling passengers and crew to make cost-effective phone calls and send text messages from their personal Apple iOS or Android devices while at sea.

The unique features of Connect at Sea allow passengers and crew to make and receive calls from loved ones and friends or work from anywhere around the world. In addition, intra-ship calling enables passengers to connect with their friends and family onboard to make plans or keep track of one another. Crew can leverage this feature as well to call other vessels.

Communication at sea is a complex matter and MTN and WMS have jointly developed a unique solution that not only offers a clear connection, but a service that works with a vessel's Wi-Fi infrastructure and data/voice prioritization strategy for the maritime industry.

Unlike other voice applications, Connect at Sea is built for the maritime industry and delivers high voice quality while keeping bandwidth usage low. In addition, customers do not have to purchase an Internet plan to use the application and can download it from iTunes or the Android store. Passengers can now keep in touch with friends and loved ones on their ship via cost-effective calling or texting as well as calling shore side. In addition, the application adds to any crew welfare initiative by offering a cost-effective way for families to communicate with their loved ones who are at sea for months at a time.

"The demands of today's cruisers are increasing and the industry is faced with the opportunity of bringing a solution similar to a land-based calling experience to the middle of the ocean for both passengers and crew," said Brent Horwitz, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Cruise and Ferry Services at MTN Satellite Communications. "Passengers expect to be able to make calls from anywhere in the world without issue and crew require a service that allows them to stay connected with family and friends while at sea. This joint solution between MTN and WMS fulfills this important communications requirement."

The Connect at Sea voice application is a valuable addition to MTN and WMS' suite of products, which provides cruise passengers and customers with a complete communications package, including voice, Internet, television and content.

"Customers want a choice of cost-effective mobile communication solutions as well as the convenience of using their personal device, and the Connect at Sea application meets that demand," said Jim McKenna, Vice President of Customer Support and Product Development at WMS. "After launching the industry's first 3G capabilities in the maritime environment in November 2010, the Connect at Sea application was the natural progression of our offerings to deliver capabilities that closely match passengers' calling experience on land. For those seeking more affordable pricing, Connect at Sea now provides it. For passengers who prefer simplicity, may not have a smartphone or would rather rely on the ease and convenience of their traditional way of calling, our standard cellular services remain firmly in place."

About Wireless Maritime Services
Wireless Maritime Services (WMS), is the world leader in providing maritime cellular phone service to the cruise line and ferry industry. With service onboard more than 130 ships around the globe, the company specializes in mobile phone communications at sea, including voice, text messaging, email and web browsing for passengers and crew. WMS technology allows cruise line and ferry passengers and crew to stay in touch with friends, family or business while at sea. "In our journey to provide cellular service at sea, we charted our course to cover the world."

About MTN Satellite Communications
MTN Satellite Communications (MTN), the first company to offer a stabilized Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) satellite solution for ships at sea, has contributed to the evolution of the satellite industry over the past three decades, delivering communications solutions that address the needs of people moving around the world. Through MTN's reliable global satellite network and expertise, the company continues to deliver solutions across various markets while addressing the unique challenges and needs for each. Today, MTN offers services and solutions to cruise lines, commercial shipping, oil and gas, mega yachts, government entities and aviation markets. MTN delivers and supports a broad array of integrated turnkey services, including remote access for Internet, voice services, remote IT management, global vessel tracking, bandwidth optimization, real-time video capabilities, crew calling solutions, and other enterprise solutions. For more information, visit

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