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Marine Situation Awareness Platform aids contextual perception.

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Jun 10, 2014 - Nautilus 9, as update to CommandBridge™ situation awareness platform, offers List Manager and Spotlight features. Latter lets user de-clutter screen to focus on situation at hand. By assimilating systems and sensors with workflow, rules, and alerts, CommandBridge brings relevant information to surface to help regional decision makers understand complex environments. Context-based visualizations enhance perception, comprehension, and projection of situational awareness.

The Mariner Group, LLC - New Orleans, LA

Original Press Release

The Mariner Group Releases Nautilus 9, the Latest Update to Its Situation Awareness Platform

Press release date: Jun 03, 2014

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- The Mariner Group released  Nautilus 9 this week as its latest update to the CommandBridge(TM) situation awareness platform. Nautilus 9 builds on lessons learned from CommandBridge users in more than 40% of the nation's top tier ports, and enhances critical infrastructure protection across the world. Among the enhancements is an improved List Manager and a new Spotlight feature, which quickly lets the user de-clutter the screen, and focus on the situation.

The new release maintains The Mariner Group's focus on intuitive awareness and excellent usability. Current CommandBridge customers will receive automatic upgrades as Nautilus 9 rolls out through the summer.

CommandBridge helps regional decision makers understand complex environments. By assimilating systems and sensors with workflow, rules, and alerts, CommandBridge brings the most relevant information to the surface. Context-based visualizations enhance the perception, understanding and projection of situational awareness, which allows key stakeholders to detect anomalous behavior and form collaborative responses.

To see the new and improved features of Nautilus 9 in action, register for one of Mariner's weekly webinars or visit their website.

About Mariner
Mariner is a multi-disciplinary team of situation awareness and technology professionals possessing decades of experience with situation awareness and response. With a unique context-based approach to situational awareness, Mariner's solutions dramatically enhance the value of existing sensors and data feeds while significantly advancing regional collaboration.

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