MARCOZA Architectural Casting Division Refinishes Plaque from 1950's

Midland Manufacturing Company is privileged to have had its MARCOZA Architectural Products Division refinish a bronze plaque that was originally procured elsewhere in the 1950's for the south entrance to the Fort Worth Botanic Garden but never installed due to typographical errors.  This is an example of great community effort in helping preserve the iconic history of Fort Worth for future generations which was duly noted by all participants in the restoration of the south entrance. In addition to the refinished bronze plaque provided by MARCOZA Architectural Products Division of Midland Mfg, Acme Brick donated materials for a new decorative wall which was installed by Greg Smith from Triple M Construction providing a gorgeous accent to the entry way. This entrance is also lite with decorative lanterns from the old Montgomery Ward Building on West 7th Street.

Bob Byers, Director of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden was quoted as saying, "Thank you all for your support of the restoration at the historic South Gate of the Botanic Garden.....we truly appreciate your efforts in assuring that one of the Garden's great architectural signatures will continue to grace the city far into the future."  A special slide presentation of this dedication was made by Council Member Dennis Shingleton at the September 1, 2015 City Council meeting which was very well received by all in attendance.  Richard Zavala, Director of Parks Community Services for the City of Fort Worth also commented, "Their collective commitment and contributions to this very special and historic landmark has renewed a legacy gift for our citizens for the ages."

Midland Manufacturing is proud to help support and preserve the history of our great cities, states and country.  For a free initial consultation about your MARCOZA bronze plaque, historical markers or other architectural castings for any special project, please email Owen Daniel at or call 800-678-4848.

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