Maquet Surgical Workplaces Launches Two New Products to Further Improve Flexibility in the Operating Room

ARDON, France - MAQUET Surgical Workplaces, a leading name in technical innovation for operating theatre equipment, announced today that it has launched two new products, TRIOP and VOLISTA, which are designed to improve the flexiblity and performance of the operating theatre for hopsitals and surgeons. TRIOP is a modular suspension system that offers versatility needed to organize a multi-disciplinary operating suite and VOLISTA, an extension of the TRIOP system, is the first modular surgical light designed to regulate the illumination reaching the surgeon's eye.

"The development of the TRIOP suspension system and the VOLISTA surgical light is the result of our commitment to providing our customers with products that meet their evolving needs in the operating room," said Frédéric Herpin, Vice President, Marketing, MAQUET Surgical Workplaces. :"While the VOLISTA surgical light will provide a comfortable and accurate view of the patient for the surgeon, TRIOP will offer a revolutionary interface that gives the surgeon the ability to select from a full range of lightheads, display holders, cameras and other tools on a procedure-by-procedure basis."

TRIOP is a modular suspension system that utilizes the revolutionary Connect to Operate (C2OP) interface, which allows a full range of lightheads, display holders, cameras and other tools to be combined at will on a single suspension. The accessories are easily interchangeable, meaning that the needs of different medical specialities no longer have to be balanced against operating theatre occupancy criteria. Tools can now be pooled, ensuring that each surgeon has the ideal equipment for each operation.

The VOLISTA surgical light is an extension of the TRIOP system and incorporates MAQUET's innovative Luminance Management Device (LMD), a patent-pending system designed to regulate the illumination reaching the surgeon's eye. LMD provides surgeons a clear and accurate view of anatomical structures during surgery, visual comfort with minimal peripheral reflections and assures surgeons of equivalent light levels when they look at dark cavities or light tissue. VOLISTA is also very modular as it offers the surgeon the possibility to choose up to three color temperatures (3900, 4500 or 5100degree(s)K), thus adapting the illumination based on the surgery being performed.


As a trusted partner for hospitals and clinicians since 1838, Maquet is a global leader in medical systems that advance surgical interventions, cardiovascular procedures and critical care. Maquet develops and designs innovative products and therapeutic applications for the operating room, hybrid OR/Cath lab, intensive care unit and patient transport within acute care hospitals, improving outcomes and quality of life for patients.

Cardiovascular specialties include intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation therapy for cardiac assist; coronary artery bypass surgery; aortic and peripheral vascular surgery; and extracorporeal circulation.

The Critical Care portfolio includes market-leading intensive care ventilators and anesthesia machines.

Maquet also equips Surgical Workplaces with critical infrastructure such as flexible room design for OR and ICU; OR tables; lights and ceiling supply units; and OR integration for image data management.

Maquet is a subsidiary of the publicly listed Swedish Getinge Group. In 2011, Maquet generated nearly 1.4 billion Euro which is more than half of the Group's annual revenue of 2.4 billion Euros. The Getinge Group has 13,000 employees worldwide, including around 6,000 Maquet employees in 50 international sales and service organizations, as well as a network of more than 280 sales representatives. For more information please visit and


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