Manual Toggle Clamps combine holding power, ergonomics.

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Offering max holding capacity from 295-1,680 lb, horizontal handle hold-down action clamps of 2013, 2017, 2027, and 2037 series incorporate ergonomic handle grip, 2 flanged washers, and spindle assembly. Straight base options are available, and knob on end of open U bar prevents spindle slippage. While low pivot points provide for perpendicular clamp force, straight downward action helps prevent workpiece movement in fixture. Hand clearance in open position eliminates pinch points.

Original Press Release:

DE-STA-CO's Manual Toggle Clamps Provide Increased Ergonomics and Holding Power

Auburn Hills, Michigan, August 8, 2008 - DE-STA-CO's horizontal handle hold-down action clamps represent the next generation of manual toggle clamps. The new clamps allow users to save space without compromises in holding capacity or performance.

The 2013, 2017, 2027 and 2037 series of horizontal handle hold-down action clamps offer an average of twice the holding capacity of DE-STA-CO's legacy models in the same envelope.

A knob on the end of the open 'U' bar of the new clamps prevents spindle slippage. Additionally, the unique patented design provides increased hand clearance in the open position, improving ergonomics and safety by eliminating pinch points.

Clamps in the 2013, 2017, 2027, 2037 series come with an ergonomic handle grip, two flanged washers and spindle assembly, and straight base options are available. Maximum holding capacity of the clamps range from 295 lbs. to 1,680 lbs., ensuring applicability across a wide range of operational demands. Additionally, the low pivot points featured on the horizontal handle hold-down action clamps provide for a perpendicular clamp force. The straight downward action helps to prevent movement of the workpiece in the fixture.

Moreover, further solutions are available through the newest generation of DE-STA-CO® Toggle Lock Plus manual clamps, an expansion to the horizontal toggle clamp series also designed with maximum safety and ergonomic benefit as its foundation.

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