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Manual and Pneumatic Hydraulic Jacks offer 5 pump options.

Press Release Summary:

Available in remote control manual or pneumatic-powered hydraulic models, PF Jacks include pump, hydraulic hose, quick connect coupler, and ram. Hand hydraulic pump models include SM0033 Speed Midget™ and BU0483 Hydro-Chief™, while air-operated remote hydraulic pumps controlled by hand/foot pedal include PF1000, PF200, and PF3000. Offering ratings from 7,000–10,000 psi, all can be used with variety of ram sizes and types, and are suitable for auto body repair and rescue workers.

Original Press Release:

P-F Jacks Combine Power with Durability

West Boylston, MA  . . . The Porter-Ferguson line of jacks offers auto body repair and rescue users several choices of powerful and rugged remote control manual or pneumatic-powered hydraulic models . 

Each PF jack comprises several basic components: either a hand or air-powered hydraulic pump; a hydraulic hose; a quick connect coupler; and a ram.

There are five pump options: two hand hydraulic pumps, the SM0033 Speed Midget™ pump, and the BU0483 Hydro-Chief™ pump; and three air-operated remote hydraulic pumps controlled by a hand/foot pedal, the PF1000, PF200, and PF3000. PSI ratings range from 7,000 to 10,000. All can be used with a variety of ram sizes and types.

Many users find the tools so durable they can be passed on to succeeding generations. All pumps feature a steel, drop forged broad base, ensuring stability even in awkward positions and able to withstand years of hard use. Baked enamel finish gives corrosion protection and prolongs a new appearance. The pump handle has a soft plastic grip for more comfortable operation and unscrews for easy storage.

Filter screens at hose holes prevent dirt from entering pump or ram. A magnet in each pump reservoir attracts metal chips and filings to insure correct ball valve seating and to prevent ram seal damage. A 1/4 turn filler screw makes it easier to operate and bleed the pump and to add hydraulic oil. A safety relief valve prevents overloading.

Other durability features are a maxi-micro finish on the piston that helps pump seals last longer and heat resistant piston packings. Stainless steel balls and springs in a coined steel seat make valve life longer and more trouble-free.

Like all of the company’s products, Porter-Ferguson jacks are 100% made in USA and guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of delivery. For more information or for a full-line catalog, email, or call 800/456-9355 or 508/835-2900.

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