Malvern Insitec LPS Meets Growing Demand for On-Line Particle Size Analysis in Wet Processes

The Malvern Insitec LPS on-line particle size analyzer is designed to meet the growing demand for on-line particle size analysis in liquid process streams.

In the past, continuous, real-time particle size measurement has been used primarily for dry processes. Malvern's introduction last year of the Insitec LPS has extended its applicability, providing a new option for continuous measurement that can be fully integrated into liquid process streams. A reliable and robust laser diffraction-based system, the Insitec LPS can be used off-, at-, in- or on-line for a very wide range of processes, from high concentration mineral slurries right through to lipid emulsions. It can even be used to measure in concentrated, hot, sticky process streams operating under pressure.

In common with all Insitec systems, the Insitec LPS is designed for continuous industrial use. Each component of the system - sampler, pre-diluter, cascade diluter, measurement cell, and software - can be individually tailored to the process, ensuring that even the most challenging applications can be tackled effectively.

The Insitec LPS sampler extracts 2.5 ml liquid slugs from the full pipe section. There is never any cessation of sample flow, thus avoiding blockages. The process interface is designed for high pressure (where necessary) and for easy installation and maintenance.

The Insitec LPS pre-diluter and cascade diluter work together to bring the sample to an optimal concentration for analysis whilst avoiding dilution shock. These components have few moving parts, are self-cleaning and are designed to minimize diluent consumption. Consistent dilution is achieved efficiently with no manual intervention.

At the heart of the Insitec LPS is Malvern's proven and industrially rugged Insitec laser diffraction-based particle size analyzer. With abrasion-resistant, self-cleaning sapphire windows, and a purge to prevent condensation, this is an analyzer designed for 24/7 operation. It requires no calibration and little maintenance. The data produced are presented using established Malvern Link and RTSizer data handling systems. Integration with existing control platforms is straightforward, and so is customized data presentation.

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