Mako Industries Saves Time and Money with New Importing of Carbon from China

Anaheim, Calif. – Mako Industries, a top manufacturer of industrial quality, turnkey remediation systems for the environmental industry, has recently made a significant change for the better to its operations, as it has begun importing carbon from China.

Mako, with more than 20 years in the industry and possessing two full facilities in California, made the change for several reasons: It will bring costs down for the company, which in turn will bring costs down for its customers; it wanted to ramp up production at its facilities and now will be able to do that, and it will allow Mako to diversify and handle many different kinds of jobs.

"With our experience in the industry and the diversity of what we can do, we're really a one-stop shop for customers," said John Lewis, sales and service manager for Mako Industries.

Mako was previously getting its carbon from distributors, but now it will be able to buy large amounts from China and reduce the operating costs, and will pass those savings on to customers. Mako's customer base currently comes mostly from the Western part of the U.S., and primarily consists of environmental consultants, who work with clients who are trying to clean up soil around commercial properties.

By now importing large amounts of carbon, Mako no longer has to rely on outside companies to assist on big jobs; Lewis said that Mako now has 40,000 pounds of carbon in stock, and can turn around any size job in its usual brisk time period.

Mako’s primary expertise is in areas of groundwater cleanup and soil vapor cleanup, but they are trying to branch out now as carbon can be used in so many other industries.

Mako also builds its own vessels on site, including pumps, thermal/catalytic oxidizers, electric catalytic oxidizers, carbon filtration systems and water filtration systems. Mako can also service any of the systems as well.

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