Main Advantages of Pick-To-Light (PTL)

Pick-To-Light (PTL) is a semi-automatic light or display based paperless picking system. The system directs the operator to the item and the quantity that is needed. Overall a Pick-To-Light system will increase picker productivity from 20% to 50% or more beyond paper picking systems.

Main advantages of Pick-To-Light (PTL):

o Increase accuracy: The system will take the operator error out of the process versus a paper system that relies on the operator.

o Increased picking rates and productivity: A typical manual picking system can process 100 to 150 lines per hour however a pick-to-light system can do 300 to 800 lines per hour.

o Reduces walk time: People are now staged in a zone and are more efficient

o Shorten shipping times: With PTL, same day delivery can be accommodated and overall delivery times and responsiveness improve.

o No voice barrier: versus a voice reader system.

o No limit to item size, shape or packaging.

When setting up a Pick-To-Light system, SI Systems studies all items and their movement to determine:

o Shelf or pick locations for each item.

o Balance the workload for the operators.

o Setup the operators in certain zones based on movement and pick history.

When a Pick-To-Light system is part of a larger integrated system, SI Systems will study the entire fulfillment process along with item and order data to determine picking locations for all items in the warehouse. Typically, faster moving items are located in automated picking systems such as SI's A-frame system while medium moving items would be located in semi-automated picking such as SI's Pick-To-Light system and the slower moving items in a manual pick zone directed by Voice or RF devices.

SI's solutions can be integrated into existing warehouse layouts; in the case of a totally new warehouse, SI Systems will design equipment layout and process flow around all requirements in a manner to optimize overall performance and operator interface.

A Pick-To-Light system can be put in place in approximately a 12 to 16 week timeframe for an entire program. SI Systems is able to operate on a national and international basis for consulting and implementation.

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