Mailroom Safety Equipment protects against biohazards.

Press Release Summary:

Using "glove box" technology, suspect mail is placed into airtight box with viewable panels. Once secured, mail is opened with air-tight nitrile gloves under high-intensity UV biohazard-killer germicidal light. If any powder or other suspect substance is found, CSV-1 sterilizing spray is used to kill potential contaminant. Unit weighs 20 lb, is portable, and can be used in vehicles. It runs on 120 Vac or 12 Vdc power.

Original Press Release:


GRAND JUNCTION, CO - November 8, 2001 -, a division of Genesis Laboratories, has announced their mailroom safety equipment that allows employees to have a high degree of safety in opening Anthrax and other biohazard suspect letters and packages.

Using proven "glove box" technology, the suspect mail is placed into the airtight box, which is housed in user protective viewable panels. Once secured, the suspect mail is opened (using air-tight Nitrile gloves) under a high intensity UV (bio-hazard killer) germicidal light. Should any powder or other suspect contaminant be found, then a CSV-1 sterilizing spray is used to kill any potential contaminant.

Weighing just 20 pounds, this unit is entirely portable and can effectively and safely be used in a vehicle, such as Emergency Response vehicles, SJV, or VAN and runs on 120 volt AC or 12 DC volt power.

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