Mail Tray Loading System reduces loading times by up to 75%.

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Compatible with Bell and Howell inserting systems as well as most third-party inserting lines, Solix™ improves operator productivity by reducing manual handling of mailpieces. This is accomplished via on-edge stacking of mailpieces, with capacity to hold up to 5 mail trays; ability to sweep mailpieces into mail tray in one motion; integrated roller conveyor for mail trays; and envelope offsetting or marking. Tray tag printer and inspection camera are optional.

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Bell and Howell Introduces Solix Mail Tray Loader Improves Productivity by Reducing Loading Time by up to 75 Percent

Durham, N.C. – Bell and Howell, a leading provider of solutions and services for paper-based and digital messaging, today announced the immediate availability of its new Solix™ mail tray loading system. Solix improves operator productivity by reducing manual handling of mailpieces, delivering up to 75 percent increased efficiency.

“Today’s high-speed inserting systems create both opportunities and challenges for mailers. We observed that operators who used traditional output conveyors and associated traying methods cannot keep pace with the output volume. Managers are then left with the choice of reducing speed or adding extra labor, which offsets some of the benefits of having a high-speed inserter,” said Jerry DeRome, Bell and Howell’s Director of Product Management. “Solix enables mailers to achieve the maximum throughput and return on investment from their high-speed systems by improving operator productivity.”

Bell and Howell time and motion studies revealed that inserting-system operators spend 45 percent of their time at the envelope output conveyor, with the majority of this time used to gather and place finished mailpieces into mail trays. “Solix provides significant productivity gains that quickly add up in production-level environments,” added DeRome.

Benefits of this new solution include the following:

- On-edge stacking of mailpieces with the capacity to hold up to five mail trays. This increases operator efficiency by reducing the number of times the operator has to visit the delivery area of the machine.

- Mailpieces can be swept into the mail tray with a single motion. This eliminates the need to pick up mail a handful at a time, and can reduce the time to load the tray from 35 to five seconds.

- An integrated roller conveyor for the mail trays reduces the amount of lifting required and provides a simplified connection to automated material-handling systems.

- Envelope offsetting or marking to identify tray breaks for inline sorting. This saves time by providing easy identification of tray breaks.

- Optional tray tag printer enables printing of tags in real time, and saves time by eliminating the need to handle and search through stacks of pre-printed tags.

- Optional inspection camera provides various forms of quality checking, eliminating the time required to fan through the mailpieces to perform manual quality checks.

Solix is compatible with Bell and Howell inserting systems and with most third-party inserting lines. View a video of Solix on YouTube here.

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