Magnetic Latching Solenoids offer stroke lengths to 3 in.

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Available in package sizes from 3/8 to 3½ in. diameter, Bi-Stable Latching Solenoids come in rotary and linear designs with response time in milliseconds. Single voltage pulses open and close armature resulting in minimal heat rise and no holding power. By utilizing permanent magnet on solenoid pole face, once air gap is closed, solenoid stays in closed position until pulsed in reverse direction, either through secondary coil or reversal in polarity.

Original Press Release:

Magnetic Latching Solenoid Saves Energy

Clifton Springs, NY - Building on over 60 years of solenoid technology, Lisk has developed an extensive line of bi-stable latching solenoids for use in all applications where consumption of power must be minimized. Single voltage pulses open and close the armature resulting in minimal heat rise, no holding power, and smaller package sizes. By utilizing a permanent magnet on the solenoid pole face, once the air gap is closed the solenoid stays in the closed position until pulsed in the reverse direction (either through a secondary coil or a reversal in polarity).

o Package sizes range from 3/8" to 3-1/2" in diameter

o Stroke lengths up to 3"

o High forces with response times in the milliseconds

o Rotary and linear designs available

Eliminate the need for expensive integrated power management with a Lisk bi-stable solenoid. Call to speak with an engineer today.

G.W. Lisk is a worldwide leader in the custom manufacturing of solenoids, solenoid valves, LVDTs and flame arrestors. With extensive knowledge in a variety of markets such as military, aerospace, transportation, heavy duty/diesel, and medical industries, we have the expertise our customers have come to rely on every day.

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