Magnetic Filtration Devices has Signed an Agreement with Des-Case Corp. to Offer the Halex Coil as an Accessory to their Contamination Products


MADBURY, NH - Des-Case Corporation a leading manufacturer of contamination control products, has recently signed an agreement with Magnetic Filtration Devices, Inc., to offer the Halex Coil, as an accessory to their contamination products. The product will be available for sale individually and will also be an add-on to their Flowguard Filteration Carts.

The Halex Coil has over 10 years of certified data which proves the product will extend equipment life. The coil easily attaches to outside of your existing oil filter and performs without changing flow-rate or intruding on internal systems. The device traps 40-90% of iron that would otherwise pass through existing filter medium, and traps 20-60% of nonferrous contaminates, which will improve element efficiency, resulting in fewer service intervals, reducing downtime, emissions, soot, and wear.

When applied to the Des-Case Flowguard Filtration Cart, the Halex Coil acts as an additional filtration device. Filtration carts cleanse oil by transferring liquids from one reservoir to another. During the transfer, fluid is cleared of impurities by way of filtration. Applying the Halex Coil as an add-on to the Des-Case filter cart will result in achieving lower micron ratings reducing the cost of maintenance.

Company Name: Magnetic Filtration Devices, Inc.
Address 1: 13 Huckins Road
City: Madbury
State: NH
Zip: 03823
Phone: 603-817-6125

Contact Name: Brad Laubach
Title: Director of Public Relations

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