Magnetic Encoder suits space-restricted applications.

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To determine position values, MAGNETOCODE (MCD) series uses integrated Hall circuit that samples magnetic field of permanent magnet fixed to shaft. Single-turn sensor offers resolutions to 12 bits/revolution max, and encoders register up to 8,192 revolutions (13 Bit). Current absolute position values are stored permanently and provided instantly after activation. Offered in solid- and hollow-shaft versions, encoders use Wiegand wire with coil wound around it as internal component.

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New Magnetic Encoder Series MAGNETOCODE (MCD)

To determine position values, POSITAL's new MAGNETOCODE (MCD) en-coder series uses an integrated Hall circuit, which samples the magnetic field of a permanent magnet fixed to a shaft. This single-turn sensor provides a maxi-mum resolution of 12 Bits per revolution. At the same time, MCD encoders reg-ister up to 8,192 revolutions (13 Bit) - models with a higher capacity are avail-able upon request. Current absolute position values are stored permanently, even without external power supply, and are provided instantly after activation, using an innovative, patented technology, which renders backup batteries obso-lete. The MCD encoder's internal component is a Wiegand wire with a coil wound around it. The Wiegand wire generates the energy required for register-ing revolutions from the rotary motion - neither continuous rotation nor a mini-mum number of revolutions are necessary. MCD encoders are available as solid and hollow shaft versions. Their compact design (36,5 mm diameter) makes them suitable for applications with limited installation space and reduces material costs considerably. Because of their magnetic technology, the IP54 encoders also withstand rugged environments. They are connected via a serial interface.

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POSITAL, a brand label of FRABA Inc., is a highly specialized manufacturer of absolute rotary encoders and inclinometers.

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