Magnetic Cylinder Sensors offer universal mounting.

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Vibration-resistant MZ T6 and RZ T6 sensors detect position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders by sensing ring magnet in piston through housing wall. Offered in 3-wire dc version that detects through cylinder housings of aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, MZ T6 sensors include LED functional indicator, PNP NO contact output function, and IP67 enclosure rating. RZ T6 sensors are available as ac/dc 3-wire version and 2-wire version with reed-switch output contact.

Original Press Release:

New MZ T6/RZ T6 Magnetic Cylinder Sensors Featuring Maximum Switching Reliability Through Optimized Mounting Technology

SICK's new MZ SICK, the global leader in factory and process automation solutions, recently launched its new series of magnetic cylinder sensors, offering maximum user-friendliness, vibration resistance and switching accuracy. The MZ T6 and RZ T6 magnetic cylinder sensors detect the position of pistons in pneumatic cylinders by sensing a ring magnet in the piston through the housing wall.

SICK's new mounting systems for pneumatic cylinder sensors offer universal mounting for integrated profile, tie-rod, round-body and dovetail cylinders. Fewer type and product variants based on standard flexible mounting adapters simplify replacement, mounting and reduce storage costs. Now you can optimize storage costs by using SICK's innovative mounting systems with MZ T6/ RZ T6 sensors.

When mounted on a pneumatic cylinder, the new mounting bracket allows the entire length of the sensor to be pressed against the cylinder along the floor of the mounting slot. This results in a firm, stationary placement at an optimum distance from the piston to be detected, and prevents the sensor from being pulled out by its cable. The MZ T6 detects through cylinder housings of aluminum, brass and stainless steel and is suitable for all common T-slots. The RZ T6 cylinder sensor is available with a reed switch output contact instead of the electronic switching output.

The new MZ T6 and RZ T6 have been designed to provide user-friendliness and reliable switching capabilities. The sensors are inserted into the T-slot from above, which cuts the costs of mounting. The single screw, left handed thread and combined slot/Allen screw head can be easily tightened using a standard screwdriver for rapid, secure installation of the sensor in the slot. In the process, the sensor is pressed onto the floor of the T-slot along the entire housing length.

The MZ T6 is the ideal magnetic cylinder sensor for all common T-slot cylinders. Additional features of the MZ T6 include a DC 3-wire version, a variety of connectors, an LED functional indicator on the sensor, a PNP NO contact output function and an enclosure rating of IP 67. The RZ T6 is available as both AC/DC 3-wire version and 2-wire version with a reed switch output contact.

With its industrial proximity sensor line, SICK North America is the only U.S. manufacturer to offer a complete range of photoelectric (including luminescence, color, contrast and distance sensors) and proximity sensors. SICK's extensive line includes inductive proximity, capacitive proximity, magnetic proximity and magnetic cylinder sensors featuring non-contact operation and high reliability. Now, all SICK industrial proximity sensors feature a lifetime warranty. SICK's 50 years of innovation in photoelectric sensors, combined with this comprehensive proximity line, leave very few applications beyond SICK's capabilities.

For more information on the MZ T6/RZ T6 use the following link: or contact SICK at 1-800-325-7425

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