MAGloc(TM) Armories Now Available

U.S. Chemical Storage has added Armories to its range of buildings. Under the U.S. Explosive Storage product line, branded as MAGloc(TM), Armories, also known as Portable Field Armories, are designed and constructed for a variety of military clients. Constructed for use both indoors and outdoors, the units are designed for mobility and deployment in changing mission requirements. Each Armory is built to the NSWC 3046-93-2 specification requirements for the manufacture of wood lined steel arms storage facilities. This specification is utilized in the manufacture of Pre-engineered and Pre-fabricated Steel Armories for the storage of small arms and ready-for-issue small arms ammunition. This specification also acknowledges ATF Regulation 27CFR Part 55 for Type I and Type II bullet resistance with modifications to meet the U.S. Navy AA&E physical security requirements and U.S. Navy safety requirements (OP5). All HVAC and electrical devices are factory installed, along with conduit runs and service boxes for intruder detection systems. Constructed from ¼" plate steel exteriors and 2" hard wood, insulated interiors, these Armories serve as stand alone, high security facilities.

Company Name: U.S. Chemical Storage / U.S. Explosive Storage
Address 1: 355 Industrial Park Drive
City: Boone
State: NC
Zip: 28607
Country: USA
Phone: 800-233-1480

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