MADE's Signal-Detection Products Keep Utility and Construction Workers Safe

Chicago, August 14, 2007 Every year, many on-site accidents occur because of the proximity of high-voltage electric lines causing injuries, sometimes fatal. MADE combines engineering and design expertise in electronics, telecommunications, signal treatment, and computer science for producing signal-detection products for industrial fields such as construction and utility work. Since the company's start in 1991, it has collaborated with France's national electric company, EDF, to develop, test, and validate its products in real environment. Two of its benchmark products for signal detection will be at the ICUEE 2007 trade show from Oct. 16 to 18 in Louisville, Ky., at booth 3135: SkyRadio for overhead high-voltage line detection on construction sites, and the Nadir system for pre-identifying live low-voltage cables and feeders for electrical utility work.

Designed for use on construction sites, MADE's SkyRadio system helps detect high-voltage electrical lines overhead. It includes one-to-eight wireless sensors on the high point of the equipment, such as the boom on a concrete pump, and corresponding transmitter/receiver modules that communicate with the central processing unit. The sensors measure the electrical field around a medium- or high-voltage line and, if a sensor is inside a risk zone (within 3 meters for a medium-voltage line; within 5 meters for a high-voltage line), the system indicates which sensor is "at risk" by a visual and audible signal to alert the operator. This system is also available for smaller machines like aerial lifts, or scissor lifts.

When working in trenches with many cables, electricity-utility workers need to quickly and correctly identify cables to make sure they are working on the right ones. The Nadir system has two components to identify live low-voltage cables under load in a trench or substation exit. A transmitter is connected using crocodile clips between two phases, or between a neutral phase downstream from the point of interest. The transmitter's signal does not disturb communications systems. The second component, the hand-held receiver, incorporates a display for signal-level readout and push-button controls connected to a transducer for cable identification or to a flexible Rogowski coil for phase/core identification.

In addition to SkyRadio and Nadir, MADE produces a wide range of products for use with concrete/construction work, electrical utilities, and gas utilities.

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