Macro Building Software Utility automates PC processes.

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Macro Scheduler Enterprise Automation Suite offers toolset for building scripts (macros) that automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Macros can be converted to standalone executable (.exe) files, and suite can then automate their distribution to any or all PCs in enterprise without installing Macro Scheduler or other runtimes on them. Other features include script editor, code folding capabilities, and persistent bookmarks.

Original Press Release:

MJT Net Announces Enterprise Version of Macro Scheduler

SHAFTESBURY, England, June 30 -- MJT Net Ltd, the leading global provider of Windows automation and scripting solutions, announces the release of Macro Scheduler Enterprise Automation Suite, a powerful toolset for building scripts that automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks undertaken on any PC.

With the Enterprise version, non-technical users can quickly and easily create scripts (macros) to automate routine tasks. These macros can be converted to standalone executable (.exe) files. Macro Scheduler can then automate distribution of the macros, sending them to any or all PCs in the enterprise without having to install Macro Scheduler or any other runtimes on the individual machines.

Macro Scheduler Enterprise can be used to automate any standard process that is performed on a PC or in a browser, including:

-- Transferring data from one user interface to another without rekeying.
-- Scraping data from a web page and entering the information into another interface, or vice versa.
-- Ensuring that project files are backed up automatically and routinely.
-- Generating reports automatically and sending them to the right people on a regular basis.
-- Bridging the gap between a mainframe or legacy system and another application where the systems and interfaces are incompatible.

"The uses our customers have for Macro Scheduler are amazingly diverse," said Marcus Tettmar, CEO of MJT Net. "There are so many situations where you have two computer systems that need to share data but just can't. Instead of investing huge sums in developing a custom integration, our customers are taking the easy route -- automating the information transfer using Macro Scheduler. Our new Enterprise version facilitates this process, and makes it easy to use macros that are developed in one department throughout the entire organization."

The Macro Scheduler Enterprise Automation Suite incorporates all the features in the recently released Macro Scheduler Standard Version 11, including a completely overhauled script editor, code folding capabilities, and persistent bookmarks to help users quickly locate code segments - features designed to make it easier for both beginners and advanced software automation developers to build complex scripts.

The Enterprise version also includes several tools that help users create and distribute macros:

-- Workflow Designer - This tool allows the user to draw a flowchart of a business process and attach code to actions and decisions. The code components can be dragged and dropped to re-nest logic until the user is satisfied, then he simply hits RUN to initiate the process.

-- WebRecorder - WebRecorder watches every element and object the user clicks on and creates code as the sequence progresses. The code can be imported into Macro Scheduler or Workflow Designer, or pasted into an existing script to automate web pages and web applications.

-- Remote Controller (msNet) - msNet turns Macro Scheduler into a server so users can trigger macros remotely. Macros can be launched using msNet's graphical user interface (GUI), a built-in command line tool, a web browser, another application, or a script. msNet also includes a CGI module for use on a Windows Web Server that allows macros to be run as web services.

Licensing Macro Scheduler Enterprise

Macro Scheduler Enterprise sells for $595 for a 1-pack license with optional two-year upgrade protection at $275. Priority Support is $495/year. Multi-license packs are also available.

Free evaluation copies of Macro Scheduler Enterprise compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, 2008 Server, Vista and Windows 7 are available at

About MJT Net Ltd

Founded in 1996, MJT Net Ltd ( is a global developer of software automation, scripting, and automated testing solutions for Windows. Its flagship product, Macro Scheduler, is the leading Windows automation tool, with more than 30,000 home users, small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and Fortune 500 companies around the world utilizing its technologies.

In the 12 years since it was first introduced, Macro Scheduler has achieved a number of "firsts" and remains the only scripting software to integrate a scripting language, macro recorder, keyboard shortcut tool and scheduler into one seamless productivity tool. The company is headquartered in Shaftesbury in North Dorset, England.

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