Machinists Inc. Manufactures Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, as they are called, have been in development for the last 20 years or so, but now, are becoming increasingly more prevalent, due to emerging technology. The AUVs are used as real time centurions patrolling under the water.

Machinists Inc. makes primary hulls for AUVs, which can withstand pressures at fairly significant depths. Typically, the AUV is made from titanium, but sometimes aluminum, for units not going as deep. They are basically like a small, unmanned submarine that flies around underwater through the commands of a computer aboard a ship usually that tells it what search area to work in.

They have a function very similar to the high pressure cylinders that MI has done for the other underwater vehicle projects, except for the fact they are independently mobile. MI has made a series of parts, which could be called production units. Those have been tested in the ocean areas where they'll be working.

MI has completed recent prototypes for a new developing technology. AUVs will be deployed and run around the ocean, not to be retrieved for very long periods of time. AUVs will dock in underwater docking stations and be charged up by a solar cell floating on the surface. Then upload all the information being gathered to a satellite.

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