Machine Vision System performs fast measurements without PC.

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CV-751 Controller, with on-screen test function and 0.1 pixel measurement, uses shade scale processor to recognize differences in hue and density. It detects metal parts on similarly colored surfaces and inspects and measures targets with subtle color variations. Application Specific IC (ASIC) processor provides pattern search and measurement at speeds 10 times faster than conventional systems. 1:1 ratio orthogonal pixel requires no asymmetric pixel correction.

Original Press Release:

Breakthrough Machine Vision System Technology Approaches the Human Eye's Abilities

The all new CV-751 embodies Shade Scale technology, one of the most significant advancements in machine vision today, to provide users with color recognition and detection approaching that of the human eye. Other new developments include the use of ASIC (Application Specific IC) technology for ultra fast pattern search and measurement at speeds l0X faster than conventional systems - without requiring a PC or complex software. All processing and control functions are built into the CV-751 Controller.

Keyence's newly developed shade scale processor recognizes differences in hue and density, especially when colors are very similar, as shade levels more accurately than conventional monochrome systems. Monochrome system detection is not stable on metal surfaces. The CV-751, however, easily and reliably detects metal parts on similarly colored metal surfaces. The CV-751's ASIC-based processor performs full 360 degree, high speed image rotation as part of the pattern matching process. A 1:1 ratio orthogonal pixel requires no asymmetric pixel correction as do conventional systems - which further adds to its high processing speed. The CV-751 now makes it possible to accurately inspect and measure targets whose edges or subtle color variances cannot be detected with conventional systems. In addition, the CV's Controller stores up to eight screen images in a separate built-in memory. This is the industry's first machine vision system to offer an on-screen test function. A simplified menu-driven user interface includes storage of the Setup Menu to instantly restore previously set parameters such as camera focus, brightness adjustment, etc.

Additional hallmarks of the CV-751 include sub-pixel (0.1 pixel) measurement, illumination adjustment and normalized correlation against image illumination changes, and an analog output for data recording.

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